The stress attached to passing a drug test can be overwhelming. You not only stand a chance to lose your goals but also your entire life. Even with such high stakes, know there are inroads to help you pass. You can find more information at

Before accepting to put self-up for possible embarrassment, be aware of the method they will be using. The last time you used any drug should be at your fingertips. Many agencies today opt for methods such as using saliva, urine, blood, and hair samples.

Technology in these practices has advanced, making it even harder to pass if you’ve been using drugs of late. The good news is, urine screening is the most common, and you will be able to pass it using these tried and tested options.

Drink plenty of water


Believe it or not, drinking plenty of water a few hours before your screening process can increase your chances of passing. Many swear by water being their number one detoxifier choice.

By filling your bladder with plenty of water, it will trigger frequent urination. Even with its assurance of more potty time visits, this remedy helps to flush clean your system. It will rid you of those things you want to hide.

The urine sample will get diluted and lower in PH, reducing the chances of drug detection. Urinating more often will also help in pumping out the toxic metabolites from your body.


You need to be aware of the best time to get your sample. When you are asleep, the toxic metabolites from the substance used builds up faster in your body. This will result in more concentrated urine that will make it easy for you to be detected. Make sure you urinate before taking the sample.

Avoid taking drugs


The period between the last day the drug was used and the day of your test can increase the chances of passing by 40%. Use that time well and stay away from drugs. There is always a window of time before the screening day.

You can make good use of it. Whether your employer is doing the test, or you are on probation, chances are you’ll get the windway before. However, staying completely away from drugs will also help you to stay confident and is absolutely the best way to pass such screening processes.

Engage in a lot of physical activities (sweat it out)

Sweating is one of the ways that our bodies get to detoxify. This only comes close to happening only if you engage in physical activity. I recently sat close to someone who had drunk alcohol after he had been involved in a fight with the barman. His sweat was reeking of alcohol. If you want to pass that drug test so much, you’ll have to hit the gym even if you hate it. Go for those morning runs, play soccer, football, or dance. Engage in physical activities to aid you to sweat it all out.

Vitamins like B2 AND B


Be warned, the use of this method can raise suspicion with some lab technicians. This is so because it waters down your urine, making it almost clear. The B2 component brings some golden glow to your urine, making the drugs undetectable. As a reminder, take at least 100 milligrams of a B-complex multivitamin 2-3 hours before your test to avoid water intoxication.

Eat healthy food, especially anti-oxidant foods.

Besides keeping you healthy, watching what you eat helps you pass that much-needed drug test. Eating artichokes, goji berries, and dark chocolate will help your body increase blood antioxidant levels. Chia seeds are good too! Add these healthy ones in your daily diet for the best results. Your skin will not only glow but also clean itself outward in. Grab that grocery bag, and let’s go healthy food shopping!

Staying in the sauna


Before you start giving those weird looks; staying in the sauna for 15 minutes works. Taking a cold shower and another 15 minutes of sauna session will do wonders. As you do this, make sure you are drinking water to stay hydrated. Do every day for two weeks. You’ll pass that test with flying colors and relax too.

Taking tea, cranberry juice, and coffee

Mercola recommends drinking different types of tea, especially green tea. You can opt for cranberry juice and diet plenty of fibers too. They work best for people using marijuana, meth, and opiates. Don’t skip your espresso for its natural diuretic properties come in handy. Coupled with exercise, taking coffee will aid you to ace your test by burning out the drug components.

Using commercial detox drinks


You will find so many stuck on the shelves today. Mega clean detox, Toxic rid, One-shot concentrate, and Clear choice rescue cleanse are among the many. While they work wonders, they come with a list of steps to follow before use.

– You must not eat or drink four hours before their consumption.
– Must drink it two hours before the drug test.
– Check the compatibility of the product dosage to your weight as per the offered scale.
– Avoid toxins and medication forty-eight hours before using them.
– Shake well before use.

For more information on how to clean your system from drugs in 24 hours check this post at Anpud.

Test yourself

Before going for the process, we take mock exams. You can apply this principle by buying a home self-test kit. Look out for them from companies like Instant Diagnostics and Liberty Research. If on a budget, take comfort in the many available clinics that offer urine tests for free. Note that drug levels can fluctuate up and down during the day. So you may want to redo the test a couple of times to be sure.

If you can, abstaining is the best choice. Since I shouldn’t come between you and having a good time, next time you are to take the tests, relax. It needn’t be hard if you choose to take the listed advice.