One product regarding our health that is taking over the world is for sure the CBD oil, and since it comes with many benefits, it’s really no wonder that’s the case, and although we can find CBD in many forms, oils are the most popular one. Even though many have heard or are already using CBD oils, a lot of people aren’t aware that it can also be helpful for our pets, but can we give our furry friends the same oil that we use? Well, let’s look at some facts that will make everything clear.

As already mentioned, the perks of CBD are plenty, and as for the dogs’, oils can help in treating various skin-related allergies. It can also improve and boost their immune system and much more, and since many prescribed drugs can cause severe side effects, CBD oils are often used as a much better and healthier alternative. Since our bodily processes are similar, it cannot do any harm if we give dogs CBD oil intended for humans. And not just dogs, cats too, or other domestic animals, which is great as now there is something that can enhance their immune system and help a lot when they feel any pain, as it will reduce it.

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What are the health benefits of CBD oil

CBD oil is used as a natural remedy against various inflammations and cramps in both humans and animals, which are reduced, along with the pain caused by arthritis or injuries. If your dog suffers from epilepsy, it can be of great help since it can be used for treating refractory epilepsy and other seizures, as it can help eliminate them. One of the most common situations that are likely to occur and when you may think to give your dog CBD oil is when they are experiencing anxiety. That can actually happen quite often. Just remember how dogs behave when there is a loud sound like the one from fireworks. When something like that happens, giving them CBD oil will reduce anxiety at the same level and in the same way as in humans.

The difference between human and dog CBD oil

There is no significant difference between oils intended for human consumption and those intended for our pets. The only difference is that any food or oil intended for humans needs to have a specific label, and that’s all. Today, many manufacturers produce quality oils for both us and our pets, so there can be no problem if we give our pet the oil made for us and the other way around.

The only problem that can occur if we give our pet the oil intended for human use is dosage-related because it is much more concentrated than that the one made for dogs. That also means that we need a higher dose if we decide to try CBD oil made for our pets, but the fact is that it is possible to find one that will be perfect for both us and our pets. The only important thing is to buy the one from a trusted manufacturer to avoid any possible problem that can occur, and everything else will be perfectly fine.

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Possible side effects

The benefits of CBD on people are well-known, and although it still hasn’t been legislated in so many countries, its usage and acceptance are growing every day. Besides that, the CBD is not only great for us and our well-being, it also has a lot of benefits when we talk about the health of our dogs. One of them is the possibility to keep them calm during some stressful situations such as a thunderstorm or while traveling, as we all know how stressful can it be when we are going somewhere and our dog/s start barking when they get nervous, especially during long destinations. It is one of the best ways to keep your dog calm because it is an entirely natural product, and, what’s even more important, it cannot cause them any harm.

The other situation is when our dogs get old, and moving around and going places is no longer that easy. The CBD oil can make that situation much more manageable by pain reduction and make walking much simpler for our friends. As it is with almost any product, there are some side effects, of course, but fortunately, they are rare, and more importantly, they are mild.

Some of them are clumsiness or lethargic feeling until the CBD is absorbed, and on the other hand, the dog can have diarrhea, but it is more likely to experience it if the dosage is high by accident. Almost all of the side effects can be prevented with one simple step: the small dosage of CBD in the beginning while the dog gets used to it. That normal dosage is crucial to avoid any possible long-term side effects, and it is always the best solution to contact the vet for every possible doubt and question.

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Quality is paramount in the end

It doesn’t matter if you are buying oil intended for human consumption or dogs because the most important thing on your list is quality control. You can freely share quality oil with your four-legged friends without worrying that it may have any consequences for them or you. It is very significant to find one from a proven manufacturer with clearly highlighted ingredients on the package.

Also, the use of pesticides can be harmful to your health, so it is best to find an oil that is 100% organic. Perhaps the best option is to buy one from local producers or renowned companies because, in most cases, this is the only way you can be sure how the cannabis plant was grown.

The bottom line

To summarize, you can give your dog a CBD oil intended for people without worrying about any possible side effects, and the only thing to be careful about is regarding the proper dosage. When our furry friends suffer, we suffer too, which is completely normal, and when it comes to finding a way to help them – if you already have CBD oil, there is your solution, and if not, luckily, many renowned websites like can help you with that.