Pain and anxiety relief have been revolutionized with the recent normalization of self-medicating methods with Cannabidiol or CBD. It can provide a more natural and more efficient solution to a plethora of symptoms usually treated with over-the-counter and prescription medication. But what about our furry friends? Can you give CBD to your dog? The short answer is yes, you can. In the correct dosage, it isn’t harmful to your pup. So now that you know that, you might be wondering if CBD is the right route for your pet.

CBD? Isn’t That weed?


Well, no. It does come from the same plant, but they’re vastly different. CBD comes from cannabis, the plant from which marijuana is created. But CBD is far from being pot. Because of its association with the recreational drug weed, some have written CBD off altogether. But misinformation shouldn’t cause anyone to pass up on what can be an extremely beneficial and natural alternative to prescription medication. You or your pets cannot get high off of CBD. Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, is the compound found in marijuana that acts as a psychoactive compound. Without the presence of THC, you will not experience a high. There are no psychoactive compounds used in CBD, and no presence of THC.

CBD isn’t marijuana and it can be used to medicate but is not your typical over-the-counter or prescription drug. CBD has no known toxicity level, meaning as far as is currently known, you cannot overdose on it. It’s also non-addictive and, no, again, cannot get you, nor your dog, high. It’s more natural than your current household painkillers. Overall, CBD is a safe and effective method of medicating.

What Can CBD Be Used For When It Comes to Dogs?

CBD can be used for a myriad of issues for your pet. It’s best in helping with chronic pain, anxiety and nervousness, digestive health and appetite, skin and fur health, seizures, and the symptoms of a severe or terminal illness. It has also been known to help soothe symptoms in dogs with arthritis and cancer. If you’re looking for a guide in choosing the best dog treats for your pet, check out to know which one work best for your dog.

1. Chronic Pain


From joint pain caused by conditions such as arthritis or hip dysplasia, to pain from nerve damage, there are all kinds of chronic pain that can plague our furry friends. No one wants their dog in pain.

Pumping them full of medications can cause other complications and it is nice to try natural options. If you are going to use CBD, we recommend using a hemp-based oil.

CBD is extracted from the plant and can be purchased in a variety of forms such as pills, oils, even specialty chews, and treats. It is nice to have options!

Everyone is concerned about the health and safety of their fur baby. No one ever wants to see their dog in pain.

CBD is extracted from the plant and can be purchased in a variety of forms such as pills, oils, even specialty chews, and treats. It is nice to have options! If you are going to use CBD, we recommend using a hemp-based oil.

As dogs get older, they can start to experience more and more chronic pain, but young dogs can fall victim to it as well, especially purebreds as they’re known for their health conditions. CBD can be a natural and effective treatment for this pain. CBD alters pain receptors to rework our perception of said pain and can thus be a natural alternative to putting your dog on painkillers.

2. Cancer Symptoms

Not only can CBD soothe the pain that may come as a symptom of cancer, but it has been known to boost the immune system. People have, because of this, reported that it can actually help in reducing cancer itself, but stronger evidence supports it aiding with the symptoms.

3. Anxiety And Nervousness


We all know dogs can suffer from all kinds of anxieties. From a fear of the vet to stress when people come over, to fear of fireworks to separation anxiety or just plain nervousness, it’s heavy on the heart to watch your dog be stressed. CBD has been observed as helping lower anxiety levels in dogs. Lower anxiety levels can elongate a dog’s life, as well as give them a better overall life experience.

4. Seizures And Epilepsy

It has been observed that CBD can be wildly beneficial for humans with epilepsy, or individuals prone to seizures. And while seizures can be life-threatening to people, they can also pose a danger to your dogs. If not recognized and properly handled, seizures can leave long-term effects on your canine companion and can possibly lead to death. CBD, however, has been seen to help reduce the severity and frequency of seizures in those prone to it.

5. Inflammation And Inflammatory Disease


Dogs experience inflammation just like people do and CBD has been proven to help with its reduction. Whether it’s because of diet, lifestyle, or disease, CBD can greatly reduce inflammation and improve comfort in your dog.

6. Health And Wellbeing

Over time and with age, dogs’ systems just don’t work like they used to when they were pups. CBD can help in slowing down the rate at which cells die in the body and help keep your dog’s systems up and running!

7. Boosts Appetite And Improves Digestion


Got a picky eater on your hands? Or maybe your dog is under stress due to an external factor like a new environment. Or maybe loss of appetite is a symptom of another condition your dog is facing, either temporarily or chronically. Whatever the case may be, it’s important they eat. CBD oil can be helpful in boosting appetite and regaining a healthy eating schedule. Sometimes, it can become worrisome if a dog isn’t getting the proper nutrients. Or maybe your pup has a sensitive stomach. CBD oil can help promote better digestion and reduce the pain that a dog can experience with frequent vomiting.

How Do I Give My Dog CBD?

The most direct way is through CBD oil. The oil can be added to your dog’s food, starting from a low dosage. Although CBD has no known toxicity level, meaning it has yet to be seen reaching a level that can induce overdose, it’s best to start low. Consult your veterinarian if you’re unsure of how much to give your dog.

Another way is through treats! Many companies make yummy CBD treats that your dogs will love!


We all want what’s best for our dogs. CBD oil can be a safe, natural, effective alternative to prescription medicine for your pups. It has a myriad of applications and you won’t have to worry about the side effects of medication. CBD is backed by many accounts of success from pet owners who saw a vast improvement in their dog’s health. CBD may be worth considering for your pet, especially if you prefer natural methods of medicating or other if methods have not worked for your dog in the past.