Just like other packaged products, CBD infused items have a period when they are most effective and safe for use. If you are considering integrating CBD into your daily routine, you probably would like to get the most out of your purchase and receive the greatest available benefits.

When it comes to estimating shelf life, the length of time is based on the brand and type of product you buy, but the average varies between 14 and 24 months. Appropriate care for your products allows preserving the active cannabinoid content and good quality of other all-natural components. That might seem like a lasting time, but there are few factors that go into a period of validity. Let’s shed light on five ways to guard your CBD products, keep their freshness, and extend shelf life.

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Opt For High-Quality Items In Dark Bottles

Most bottles that contain liquids, which need to be protected from light often come in darker colours. Avoid packages that are clear or have an open top. Instead, purchase CBD oils, tinctures, and syrups that are packed in dark or amber-coloured containers, which can protect products and their content and save usefulness as much as possible.

Also, since fatty acids in the oil are highly sensitive to rancidity and degradation, the manufacturing process is vital for getting high-quality oil. Many companies take storage conditions into account and manufacture their assortment with special gold standard extraction methods and bottling processes to improve the product’s efficiency. Without these protections, the CBD infused goods would result in more poor quality.

Keep It In The Dark Place

One of the most crucial things you can do to extend the shelf life of your CBD is to keep your goods in the dark place. Constant light exposure can change the taste of the oil and break down most of the chemical compounds like cannabinoids. Refrain from storing your product close to light and appliances that produce heat.

You can enhance the shelf life of your oil by keeping it in the dark environment. A closed cupboard, nightstand drawer, or basement might be a suitable location for your CBD to minimise exposure to light and temperature regulation.

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Store Away From Direct Sunlight

Opening blinds or curtains to add a bit of sunshine is normally a great thing. However, artificial light aside, natural light can also negatively impact organic components of CBD and decrease their potency when it comes to providing benefits.

When searching for a proper area to store your oil, consider avoiding direct sunlight, bright or sunny spaces, such as window sill, your work desk, open shelf/counter, and cabinet that is situated near light.

Make Sure It’s Cool

Warm and hot temperatures adversely affect the chemical composition of cannabidiol, resulting in less effective and reduced health benefits that it can provide. Storing your new oil in a cool space can help to increase the shelf life of your purchase. Make sure to keep your CBD away from areas with a lot of heat, such as spaces near your oven and stove top, near heating vents or space heaters. 

While a fridge may appear like the proper location to store your CBD considering that it is a dark and cold place, leaving it in a close to-freezing atmosphere can trigger oil thickening. When frozen, it might be complicated to dispense from the dropper and restore the liquid to a uniform consistency. Cooler environments like your kitchen pantry or medicine cabinet might be a great option.

Also, if you carry your CBD goods with you in your car, be confident not to leave them inside, especially in the summertime. Since a vehicle can turn into a hot place fast, don’t forget to bring CBD with you to prevent product spoilage.

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Limit Exposure To Air

When you buy a top-quality product, it will already be packed in an airtight jar or bottle to guarantee the item is safe from oxygen. Exposure to air causes oxidation, which in turn leads to faster break down and degrade of the cannabidiol product. 

While using your CBD item, try to avoid actions that could bring additional exposure of your product to oxygen, such as leaving the product or the cap open and transferring the content into an open container. 

Take extra care to ensure that your CBD product is held in its original bottle, the lid is secured tightly each time you use it, and the product isn’t kept open for a long time.

Find Suitable Container

If for some reasons, you need to transfer the CBD product, make sure to use an airtight and darker coloured container that will work for prolonged storage. Also, check whether it’s sealed securely and protected from light. In case there is too much exposure to heat, light, or cold air, the oil turns into cloudy liquid or starts to thicken.

Even if you store the oil properly, as time passes, CBD might begin to change while the oil starts to darken and will eventually not become as potent. In any case, CBD product still is safe to use, but you may discover that you will need to intake larger dosage for effectiveness.

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Keep out of reach of children

Last, but not least, it is very important to store all CBD-infused products in places that can’t be reached by children while they aren’t under adult supervision. CBD products often come in appealing shapes and forms, not to mention beautiful packaging they sometimes come in.

While it is nice for the consumers to have their supplements not only provide benefits, but also look good on their night stand, it can become a problem if you have young kids, as they might be tempted to try or play with these products, eat your CBD gummies because they can look like candy, and so on. CBD is strictly prohibited for use by young children because there aren’t enough studies to support the thesis of CBD being safe for a developing body. 

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