Cannabis use has been one of the most attractive topics in recent years. A large number of states have allowed the use of this plant for medicinal purposes, and it seems that the number of states that approve cannabis for other, not so professional purposes is growing, if you know what we mean.

Given that these are very sensitive goods, it is very important that their packaging and labeling meet all the necessary criteria. Otherwise, producers may be banned from selling, which further leads to financial and other losses. If you are planning to pack and label cannabis here are some tips that may be helpful to you.

  1. The choice of freestanding packaging is important

Freestanding packaging is the one that is in direct contact with the product. It is very important what kind of freestanding packaging you choose because if you do not make a good choice, it can negatively affect the quality of the product or lead to the product spilling or spilling. And that’s certainly not good for your sales. You want this packaging to maximally protect the product and ensure its quality.

Some examples of freestanding packaging are bags, jars, or bottles, depending on what form you offer cannabis. In the case of oil-based products, we recommend that you use bottles that will be tightly closed and will prevent the oil from leaking out and making a mess. When it comes to such cannabis-based products, it is also a good idea to use labels that will be oil resistant and will not smudge or peel off.

  1. Think carefully about the packaging design

Packaging design is one of the most crucial factors that will affect the success of the sale of your cannabis products. Of course, overall marketing plays a significant role here, but that does not mean that packaging design is not important. Do your best and it will reflect well on your profits. Buyers of these products want to feel at the same time luxury and simplicity. Think about what is crucial to them and how you can win them over to buy your cannabis products more easily.

Also, keep in mind that the packaging should give the impression that the product is safe, reliable, and legal. While this may be obvious to you because you know your product, it is vital that you clearly point this out to future customers. Another thing to consider is that the product should not look appealing to children. We know that some terms like sweets or cookies have become popular in this industry, but if you want a good reputation, it is better to skip such statements. That way, you won’t be interesting to the authorities or the children, and those are certainly not your customers. Be creative, but also wise when choosing a packaging design.

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  1. Protect cannabis from environmental factors

Plant material is subject to negative factors from the external environment and that is why it is important to isolate it from negative influences that could impair its quality over time. These factors include sunlight, moisture, and various elements, especially oxygen. Under their action, the active ingredients can be broken down, which leads to the lack of effect. Also, spoilage and intoxication of the body can occur due to the intake of harmful substances.

If you want to package a cannabis product in a way that ensures that these external influences will not reduce its value, we suggest using nitrogen fluxing during packaging. This type of packaging is called Modified Atmosphere Packaging or MAP. In this way, oxygen is eliminated from the packaging, and in its place comes nitrogen, which is inert and does not react with the material. This is a great way to protect cannabis from spoilage and ensure high quality despite standing on the shelf for a long time.

  1. Make effective labels

Since this market is already quite saturated, the best way to stand out is to be authentic and give a personal touch to your products. You can achieve this with effective labels that will attract the attention of customers. If you pack a cannabis product in jars or bottles, a good label may be enough to set your product apart from the crowd and make it more appealing to customers. Nowadays, you can make your own stickers that will be completely to your liking. If you have been wondering how to make your own stickers you should check out and find out. They provide hundreds of design templates and elements that can be of great help when designing your own sticker, but also give you the freedom to be creative and make something unique.

Stay away from stereotypes, such as green leaves and black color because this is too common. Also, keep in mind that people who buy this already know what they are looking for, so it will not be difficult for them to recognize the label, no matter what it looks like. But if you manage to create an interesting label that sends a clear message about what inside the packaging, you can gain some new customers. And let’s repeat once again, the label should not be attractive to children and send ambiguous messages. Make it clear what kind of product it is, as well as that it is not intended for children. Things like this are often overlooked, and they are of great importance.

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The use of cannabis for various purposes is gaining momentum and this market is slowly becoming saturated with various marijuana-based products. If you want your product to stand out, we suggest that you design creative packaging and labels that will give a special tone to your cannabis-based products.

Think carefully about which type of packaging is best for your product and do everything you can to protect it from adverse external influences that can reduce the quality of the product. It is always advisable to adhere to the legal regulations as much as possible so that you do not have any problems and thus build and maintain your credibility in this industry.