There has been a lot of talk about CBD these past few years. But it is the oil extracted from it is becoming a hot property nowadays. But the main misconceptions occur due to the fact that CBD is a compound of cannabis.

By simply mentioning cannabis, a lot of people associate CBD with THC. This is far from the case as CBD does not get you high the way THC does. However, much like THC, you can acquire CBD in the form of oil in most dispensaries in states where it is legal to be sold. As of currently, CBD in the form of oil is pretty much legal in all 50 American states. Visit if you are interested in CBD.

Why is CBD Oil so Hot?

CBD is a compound of Cannabis and if you’re a stranger to Cannabis, then do know that it has been used for quite some time (hundreds of thousands of years back) as a way to reduce and relieve pain. But that is not the only reason as to why CBD is so hot on the market. CBD has numerous health benefits, and we’re going to mention some of those.



An interesting fact is that CBD is used to help reduce menstrual pain, but it was none other than Queen Victoria’s menstrual pain that CBD helped with. Another quick tip, this was more than 200 years ago, so we can safely say that CBD has been used throughout history. Nowadays, CBD is a highly sought-after compound that has its usage cemented in cosmetics. But that is not the only use for it.

Due to it being the non-psychoactive compound of Cannabis, CBD can be used for wellness. Its usage includes in all areas that focus on it, including in beverages, foods, spa treatments, body lotions, for muscle tension, etc. CBD, to put it shortly, can be part of your wellness lifestyle.



Insomnia is a really, really, huge problem with people that experience it. If you’ve never had insomnia, then the struggles from it are very frustrating. From not being able to fall asleep, to constantly changing positions in frustration, insomnia can truly drive you mad. Ask anyone that suffers from insomnia and he will confirm the struggles.

Insomniacs try all sorts of things to help cope with their problems. From home remedies to medications, and even forcing themselves to sleep by tiring, it seems that nothing helps. Well, it seems that CBD in the form of oil does have success against insomnia. According to multiple studies conducted on the matter, CBD oil has helped patients with their sleepless problems. So if you’re truly desperate for a good night’s sleep, why not try CBD oil?

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Injuries and Illnesses


CBD has anti-inflammatory properties that make it one of the best organic and all-natural cures for injuries and illnesses. Athletes in the NBA frequently use CBD oil to help them with muscle recovery and their injuries. But probably a more common name that you’d be surprised uses CBD is Ozzy Osbourne himself.

Anxiety & Depression

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Two mental disorders that many Americans suffer from, anxiety and depression can affect anyone at any time. But the only way people can cope with them is by turning their attention to over-the-counter medications and therapy. As you might assume, these can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars. But CBD oil can help you with depression and anxiety since it can numb the symptoms of both. A lot of studies have been done on this subject, and the research from it says that CBD positively affects serotonin receptors in your brain.

If this doesn’t mean anything to you, low serotonin levels are the main connection to depression. Serotonin levels can be affected by a lot of things such as stuff going on every single day. So, if you are experiencing depression, then try to brighten up by using CBD oil to get your serotonin levels up.

A lot of research has also been done on the subject of anxiety. Namely, a small study found that CBD positively affects the blood flow in the area of the brain where the feelings of anxiety are linked to.

In the study, researchers came to two decisive conclusions. First CBD made the participants feel better, and secondly, it changed the way their brains responded to the compound. Through the use of CBD oil, researchers successfully numbed the effects of anxiety in participants.

Subsequently, CBD has been tested on pets who suffer from anxiety. Yes, your pets are prone to feeling anxious and they can suffer from anxiety. Luckily for them, CBD has also proven to work in relieving the effects of anxiety on pets. Cats and dogs, however, are prone to other dangerous conditions such as arthritis and even seizures.

But pain is probably the most common reason CBD oil has been approved for pets. Due to its pain-relieving properties, CBD, as we mentioned, is widely used by us, humans. However, CBD can also help with pain relief in our pets, as well as with arthritis and seizures.

To give them CBD oil, simply pour some on top of their food and they won’t even notice it. However, make sure to contact your veterinarian first before giving your pet CBD oil. What has proven to work for some pets might not work for others.

Side Effects

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When we talk about things that help us with our health, similarly to medication, we generally like to know about the possible side effects. CBD is completely natural and is generally considered to be safe if taken the recommended dosages.

Every study also takes into consideration the possible side effects of the therapeutic substance. In the case of CBD, there have been reported mild side effects. The side effects include fatigue, as the worst, loss of appetite, and diarrhea. But the thing that you should probably know about is that CBD can interfere with certain medications. This is why we always suggest you talk to your doctor first before deciding on taking CBD.