Many pet owners want to make their kitties and doggies healthy. They want them to have a long life that is free from the pain of arthritis and other illnesses. It can sometimes be heart-wrenching for owners to see their furry babies slumped on the side because the pet is experiencing pain.

If you are a pet owner, you should not wait for a miracle to happen. Instead, be the miracle by providing the medication to alleviate their pain. Fortunately, there are products such as cannabidiol or CBD for pets that can give them a lot of benefits.

Many people swore that CBD helped them feel incredible, alleviate their pain, and make them relax in a day. If the same CBD oil or cream is applied to pets, the results can be felt instantly. Many experts and companies began exploring what this new compound can do to dogs and cats.

What is CBD Oil?

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CBD is a derivative of the cannabis plant. You can know more about this by going into a company homepage that discusses in-depth pain meds for pets. If you think that this is the same plant as marijuana, you are right. However, there’s a distinction. Marijuana provides a high feeling to its users because it has an active metabolite called tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. On the other hand, THC is not present in CBD. Instead, the latter is non-toxic, all-natural, and effective in healing anxiety and pain.

How Does the Oil Work?

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Just like the bodies of human beings, pets have the endocannabinoid system or ECS inside their bodies. The ECS regulates certain functions, such as how the body will respond to pain. It can also control cravings, thirst, bodily defenses, and pain responses.

When you take supplements such as CBD, you are helping the ECS to do its functions more effectively. The body becomes better when it comes to sleeping soundly, defending itself from germs, and handling pain receptors. With dogs, the oil can significantly lessen the amount of pain that they feel when they take this kind of oil.

Benefits to your Dog

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  • Helps improve his appetite
  • Eases his separation anxieties
  • Lessens excessive barking
  • Improves car rides by eliminating nausea
  • Relaxes them on a trip to the vet
  • Decreases pain from arthritis
  • Faster recovery from surgeries
  • Eases fear from thunderstorms

Benefits to your Cats

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  • Reduces the frequency of cat hiding
  • Eases the anxiety of litter boxes
  • Decreases seizures of muscles
  • Relieves the pain from arthritis
  • Decreases aggressive and grumpy behaviors

Is CBD Oil Safe?

Generally, a lot of veterinary doctors recommend the use of CBD oil to calm cats and dogs. Owners need to give their pets the right dose so that they will prevent any gastrointestinal problems and side effects.

If the oil produces the effect that you want to see, then this means that you are not overdosing your pet. However, there should still be in-depth research that is needed when it comes to giving hemp products to animals. Owners who want to ease their dog or cat’s pain should do diligent research, especially if they are buying from an unknown source. The marketplace is full of buyer beware warning signs, so owners must buy products that were adequately tested in a laboratory.



Regardless of the effectivity of a specific product, there should still be legalities that you need to consider. Anything that contains less than 0.3% THC is regarded as hemp, and it can be sold and bought legally.

The next issue that you should focus on is how long should the treatment lasts and the amount of dosage that you should give. Most people will think that this can be freely discussed by their veterinarians to them. However, it will still depend on their location. Most veterinarians are hesitant to suggest any products that are related to marijuana if it is not legalized in his state.

You may want to try another veterinarian who is open to alternative medication if this is the case. Discussing everything with a professional is one of the keys for your pet to live a healthier life and to be free from the pain that they are experiencing. You should also read forums, do research, or ask friends. Do anything that can give you more information about the CBD product before giving it to your pet.