Since the year 2737 B.C., it has been used for medicinal reasons. We actually know this from early Chinese texts that were dated for that time. It was used years ago for conditions like malaria and gout. It wasn’t until 1545 that marijuana was brought to what is now known as the United States. It became a commercial crop along with tobacco. It has been smoked, inhaled and ingested for centuries. Today, the most commonly used products are pills, creams, oils, etc. While there are people who utilize marijuana as a recreational drug, there are also medicinal benefits that come from its use. It can be used for many different chronic illnesses and symptoms.

Is the Medicinal Use of Marijuana Legal for Chronic Illness Purposes?

This is a very common topic of conversation right now in the United States. There are states who have passed legislation legalizing marijuana for recreational and medicinal purposes. There are other states that allow its use for certain medical conditions. A script must be written in these cases. Under federal law, it is currently listed as part of the schedule I drug list. That means it is illegal at a federal level, regardless of what a specific state has concluded. This poses a dangerous threat for people who are still using marijuana in a ‘safe’ state. They could still be arrested.

What Chronic Conditions Allow for Medicinal Marijuana Use?

Many states have outlined specific conditions that warrant the use of marijuana for chronic illness. Colorado has allowed uses for medical marijuana relating to AIDS and HIV, cancer, seizures, chronic pain, clinical depression, bipolar disorder and glaucoma. Other states have followed suit, but these specifics can change as you cross borders. Here you can find more information about marijuana medicinal usage legality in 50 states of America.

Mental Health Benefits

There are numerous mental health issues that can benefit from the occasional use of marijuana. Some people find a lot of relief from things like anxiety, depression, PTSD and OCD. Panic attacks can be subdued with the use of CBD and marijuana. This can also be a way to help with the process of addiction recovery. It is important to live a healthy lifestyle in order to keep your body in balance. The cannabis plant can be a big part of keeping your body functioning optimally from day to day.

Research Has Determined the Benefits of Marijuana

The benefits associated with it have been proven over centuries. From something as simple as a muscle spasm or minor injury to a more serious condition like multiple sclerosis, cannabis can provide relief in the form of looser muscles, decrease pain and better relaxation. It is just wise to pay close attention to the risk of addiction. People who use marijuana frequently prior to the age of 25 have a 10 percent higher risk of addiction or abuse during their lifetime.


The Risks Involved with Weed Consumption

While this is a very safe product to use regularly, you should be careful with your method of use. If you smoke it daily, you want to make sure you don’t develop lung issues from the smoke inhalation. Vape products pose the same risk. There are other edible and oral products that may be a safer option if you are strictly using marijuana for medicinal benefits.

If you want to learn more about chronic health conditions that warrant the use of medicinal marijuana in your state, you can speak with your healthcare provider for more information. Understand that there may be a process that you need to go through in order to obtain medicinal marijuana in your state. While there are many benefits of using medicinal marijuana, you should make sure you are using it safely to reap its benefits fully.