All of a sudden, there it is – CBD oil, CBD flowers, CBD for pets and tinctures. And you must be wondering – what’s going on? How come all these products are popular today while just a few years ago, they were nowhere to be found? Are these as beneficial as people say?

These are some of the thousand questions you have about CBD, one of the hottest remedies in the 21st century. Even though cannabidoil was isolated in 1940 in cannabis plants as an extract, it is only a few years ago that has entered the market in different forms and uses.

Shops and dispensaries around the world are being opened while different brands introduce CBD products to their systems and offer them to the customers. It is a slow process as those who are involved with this amazing new substance must elbow their way in to the market, through laws and legislature which remains unregulated to this day.

Although it is legal through the US and EU, there are some limits and more strict regulations when it comes to selling it. However, not every country has cleared up the path for CBD at this point and there’s a long way to go before the skepticism around this chemical compound drops.

Stigma Surrounding CBD

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The fact that CBD is extracted from a cannabis plant is enough for a lot of people to think of it as a drug. Unfortunately, there’s this negative reputation that CBD has created due to disinformation, and the reluctance of some to get educated on this topic.

Even though the research regarding cannabidoil and the products which use this compound has been scarce, there is a growing number of scientists who proves that this new thing people are crazy about is actually promising.  Even Havard Medical School got a say on the topic.

So far, it seems as if the stigma which surrounds CBD is dropping with the younger people being more open to it and actually approach it with an open mind. Hopefully, in the years to come, we are going to showcase CBD for what it actually is and we will no longer have to deal with this nonsense.

How do Shops Work?

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Just like any other shop – you get inside buy what you need and there you have it. Some shops offer online purchase experience to the buyers. Why do we mention this since it is so obvious?

The reason is that people have a lot of questions when they shop for the first time and most of the sellers are more than happy to answer them whether you came in person or ask the stores online. To see what this looks like, we’ve set up an example.

Cannantura is a trusted store in Switzerland and before you order anything and have your items shipped, you can check out their blog or FAQ and get some things cleared out. Furthermore, you can always contact them in case you need additional help.

When you decide to get your products from trusted sellers, there isn’t anything you need to worry about. We would like to point out that the shelf life for CBD oil is between 14 months and two years, depending on how you store it, while some other infusions and extracts are known to last less.

However, none of that should be your worry because you will receive a quality product with a clear expiration date on the box.

Another question first time buyers have is:

How long does it take for CBD oil to become effective?

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Several factors should be considered here:

  • Dosage
  • The consumption method
  • Your body type and physique
  • Oil Quality


Often, you will read in a bunch of articles that you should stick to a recommended dose when taking CBD oil. However, there’s no rule-of-a-thumb here. There’s only a general consensus which limits your intake at start to 25mg two times per day. Later on, you can increase the amount of oil taken daily.

What we would like to suggest is for you NOT to take it whenever you feel like it – but to consult with people who know more about this topic. Generally, it is better to take less then more if you are uncertain.

The Consumption Method

Whether you opt for the oral intake of CBD, you can expect the first effects to show after 5-6 hours, which is a long time and not something you would expect. On the other hand, if you inhale it, through vaping, the effects will kick in almost immediately.

There are a lot of ways in which you can consume the CBD oil. Furthermore, we would like to move to a more general specter and just mention that CBD flowers, tinctures, and other products all kick in at different times.

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Your Body Type and Physique

Another important thing to take into consideration is your body type and physique. People react differently to the same oil, which is the same for every other product, truth be told. For instance, those with the higher body mass will be able to store more CBD, which will stay longer in their organism before it is dissolved.

But the dosage for slim and athletic people and with the higher mass index will be different. So, instead of the regular 25mg per intake, someone who is skinny will more likely reduce it to 20mg and even 15mg.

CBD Quality

Not every CBD oil is the same, although they might seem to be all equal to a naked eye. Most of the contain some other extracts inside and all of that plays a role in how long it takes for the oil to start working for you to feel it.

You can easily determine which oil is of a higher quality by looking at prices. The more expensive the product the better the oil while the goal is to find something that fits your budget and which is the best it can be.