Successfully growing a cannabis plant can seem pretty confusing and oh so complicated, when you start gathering information and find out how many things you need to be aware of. Although many factors play an important role in having a quality final outcome, things are not as complicated as they seem.

The outcome and the cultivation very much depend on what you expect to achieve.

For those without experience, just be clear about the purpose of cultivation. If you simply want to experiment and see what happens, then no need to burden yourself with reading too much. But if you really want to be successful, then experiment with a structure, because practice makes perfect. Then in the future slowly start switching to experimenting with different techniques of cultivation, exciting seeds like those found on, and tricks that can provide you with more product.

But, to return to basics. Those without experience must be wondering is it possible to grow the plant without using any nutrients. Theoretically, yes. Seeds, like any other, need soil and water. However, we’ll discuss this further, after covering a couple of things one should have in mind for the whole process to run smoothly.

Pick your place of cultivation

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Just as any other plant meant for consumption, cannabis can also be grown inside of a so-called grow box or in the open.

Cultivation out in the open or in a grow box both offer many advantages (and disadvantages). In indoor cultivation, almost all environmental factors can be controlled, including temperature, humidity, water, lighting, and ventilation. While on the other hand, outdoor plants exposed to elements and factors such as light or heat cannot be easily controlled.

However, the cost of an outdoor plantation is relatively low. After all, you will need much less electricity during the procedure because you use sunlight, in addition, outdoor plants usually have a lot more room to grow, resulting in larger plants with much higher yields. And there’s always the fact that sunlight has to be good for the plant and has to guarantee a certain level of quality.

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Some people are lucky enough to be able to choose between indoor and outdoor cultivation. Others must choose one of two options because cultivation is not considered legal everywhere in the world. Anyway, if you really want to try it and you simply don’t have space outside, prepare to grow indoors. For this, you need high-quality lamps, a fan, and a tent (grow box) (although you can make a box yourself, and insulate everything). Find a suitable room in a relatively private part of your house or apartment and build your plantation there.

Growing the plant outdoors is also not something that can be done literally everywhere. You need to find the ideal spot in your garden or the ideal spot in the wild. Your plants should get as much sunlight as possible during the day. It is also important that they are planted in high-quality soil if you plant them directly in the ground.

Here we come to the moment of discussing whether or not the nutrients are needed

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We mentioned in the beginning that theoretically, it is possible to grow the plant without using many nutrients, however, it is up to you to decide what kind of product you wish to have and would you like to ensure success from the first try.

What you can read on the internet is that many cultivators do use different soil additions to ensure the plant grows healthy and gives the best possible product. Then some claimed to have been successful just by watering the crop planted in the plain ground. Did it end up having a quality marijuana product? Hard to believe. Even though, the same people claim that the most famous cultivators from Lebanon or Morocco do not use any additions, primarily because it is too expensive for their standard.

So, the plant will grow, because when you water the seeds planted in the soil, it’s what’s natural to happen. But if you want to have a product that’s going to provide satisfaction when smoking, feeding it with some extra nutrients is inevitable. The only thing you need to decide is whether you’re going to be using organic nutrients or will you add some artificial. And when will you be using them.

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Preparation of the soil is very important. If you plant seeds in the ground dominated by clay, roots will hardly have the potential to grow. Therefore, check the type of the soil before planting. Preparation of the soil should be done because it will directly influence the quality of the product. You can’t hope for a good outcome if you don’t invest at least a tiny bit of effort. Plants need quality food, just like humans do.

When choosing organic compost, you can prepare the soil by digging the hole in the fall and add some cow manure to it and leave it until spring. When you come back to the same place, the soil will be ready for planting. The plant will go through a couple of phases as it grows, but what you can use in the veggie phase are the sprays made from nettle leaves. To make them, you need some nettle and water. Mix it together, leave it for a couple of days, then use the same water to spray the plats to prevent attacks from bugs and other pests.

There are quite a couple of organic tips and tricks you can use to avoid artificial nutrients and chemicals.

The conclusion is that it is possible to cultivate a cannabis plant without too many additions, at least not the artificial ones, as long as you invest time and plan the spot for cultivation. Prepare the soil, and be patient. If you can’t find or make your own natural compost, you can always buy them. Just don’t expect to have a quality plant, if you haven’t invested time in at least preparing the soil.