Some CBD users say they have a better sex drive after they take a few drops of oil before the date night. We usually hear a lot of confirmations that the active substances in hemp are very helpful when it comes to your libido, but is that backed up by the science? Is there any logical explanation between you taking CBD products and having a better sex life?

Cannabidiol is the substance that is found in the cannabis plant that doesn’t cause any drug effect. The psychotropic substance is named tetrahydrocannabinol (known as THC), and that’s the dangerous part of this plant, that doesn’t offer any health benefits. The science proved so many times that CBD can have many positive effects on the general health condition, including the sex drive, pain managing, and even easing the PMS symptoms in women.

Also, the way you take it can also make a difference in how it affects your body. Those who enjoy in CBD benefits usually choose to vape it, using the trusted and proven cartridges they can find on the market, like vapenterps and many others. These people also confirm they have a better sex life compared to their friends that don’t use these oils and products.

How CBD affects our body?

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Our sexuality is tightly related to the endocrine system, that provides our body with the necessary hormones, so it can work better. The reproductive hormones affect our sexual drive. Our bodies also have receptors that we are rarely aware of, because they are named endocannabinoid system, and the receptors can only be activated when we take CBD products (with no THC content in it). According to some academic researches, our private parts also contain these receptors, and that’s why some people say they have increased sex wish after they take this type of supplement.

That was the reason why the scientist believed there is a tight connection between the CBD as an active substance and the increased sex drive at those who take it. But, we must mention that this effect may reach some peak (which is individual from one person to another), and after that, the more you take, the lower your sexual thirst is. There is another theory that people only feel the placebo effect due to the myth of increased sexual performance after they take hemp products. So, after they take a few drops or vape a few times, the anxiety level may be pretty lower because they believe the CBD product is fixing the problem. After they are relieved of the anxiety, stress, and uncomfortable feeling, they perform better in their bedsheets.

Since this is not well-researched, there is no proper dose you need to take so it can work for you. You only need to follow the instructions on the product and don’t take more than that, because every active substance has two ends – the one that makes you feel better, and the second one that is bad for you, and can even make you sad.

So, does the CBD has real benefits for our sexuality?

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We can’t simply answer this question with “yes” or “no”, but sure we can explain it a little bit more, so everyone can understand how it really works. As we said, there is not enough scientific research that will prove any of these theories right or wrong. Some people who are more CBD sensitive can have the wished effect. Those who are not sensitive to this active ingredient will need to take a higher dosage, which is not recommended, to feel something.

On the other side, some researches show that these products can “fix” the problem with erectile dysfunction in the early phases because it improves the blood flow. That means your sex will last longer, and you will maintain the erection during the whole night. Also, taking hemp oils can make our body produce more secretion, which is an important part of the lubrication during sex.

Be careful! Never use the oils as direct lubricants. There are special lubes that contain hemp oil, but you should never use the clear oil for that because it can break the condom, cause itching, or skin irritation.

What if CBDs really affect my sexuality?

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As we said, many people confirm they have a better sex life after they start taking hemp products and supplements, but there is still no scientific proof for that. But, the fact the scientist still didn’t prove this theory, doesn’t make it impossible. The CBD products are legal to buy and take in so many countries around the world, and if you find that method helpful for better sex drive, then take it as it’s written on the instructions, or ask your pharmacist how to dose it.

Even if it’s a placebo effect, knowing that your mind is free of fear and stress, can make your performance better than usual. Until we have backed-up scientific research that proves this theory, we are free to believe in anything we want, as long as it works nicely for us.

If you really see benefits for your sexual life after you take a few drops, then there is nothing frightening to proceed to do that. And, we will repeat again – don’t overdo it, because the effect can be exactly the opposite of the wished one. Just think about is as for food. When you eat your delicious meal you feel great, but if you eat double or triple the meal, it will still be delicious, but you will feel very bad, and probably you’ll end up vomiting, throwing all the enjoyment in the toilet. It’s the same with the hemp products. If you use them smartly, you will see the benefits they provide. But, keep in mind that CBD comes from cannabis, and it may have huge effects on sensitive people.

We hope this article provided all the information you needed on how cannabidiol can affect your whole body, especially the intimate parts, and of course, your mind.