There are a lot of CBR products and for everyday people, it can be challenging to know and recognize them all. The most popular product, right after the dried cannabis, it’s of course, the well-known CBD oil, that is available in different concentrations, for different purposes. Then, you can find hemp tea, gummies, cookies, and other edibles, and also e-liquids and water-soluble products. The most interesting thing is that the oil and water-soluble drops look pretty similar, but as you expect, there are a few differences between these two products.

The CBD supplements are accepted and used all around the world, depending on how health authorities are approving them. If you want to get to know them better, you can visit assraw and see what they offer. But it’s not enough just to know what these products are good for. You also have to know how they work once they enter your body.

As you know from the chemistry and physics lessons, water and oils can’t be simply mixed together, until a physical process named emulsion happens. In order to mix water and oil, you need to force it, by shaking the mixture or using a mixer to put them together. But, what you get is not a stable product, so the people who work on CBD supplements worked and produced water-soluble drops, so the people can easily use them. Oils are very concentrated, and can’t be taken without water. That’s why the products that can be used with water are invented.

They can easily be absorbed and metabolized in our body, without causing a lot of side effects. The formula is specially made to keep the active substances untouched until they are completely ingested. Oils aren’t that stable, and most of the CBD active ingredients are lost while in the mouth. Actually, if you ingest a drop of oil, the chances are you won’t be able to use the active parts of it. And they are pretty different too, especially in:

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  1. Structure

Soluble products can be powdered or in a form of drops. Oils are oils, and we all know how it looks like. Furthermore, the taste of the oil can be too much for some people. It has a specific aroma that some people can’t simply handle. On the other hand, soluble may come in different tastes, like fruit or vanilla.

  1. How they are absorbed in the body

We already mentioned a little about this, but probably you remember that soluble products have a higher absorption rate, because you literally put them directly in your stomach. The CBD, as a molecule, is present in even smaller particles, that are easier to be absorbed through the digestive system. The oils don’t work like that. According to some resources, you only absorb around 20% of the active ingredients of one drop of oil. Compared to the soluble products, it’s around four times less than needed.

  1. The overall effect

This is maybe the most important difference between these two products. If you want longer results, you have to take quality CBD oil, that is not absorbed immediately in your body. Follow the instructions on the package so you can dose it properly. If you take an oil-based supplement on a sugar cube or under your tongue, it may take up to one hour until you see the initial effects. But, the effect will last for hours. On the other hand, if you want an immediate result, water-soluble products are better for you. Also, there is one thing you must be aware of all the time – these ones are reacting immediately, but the effect lasts about 3-4 hours. So, it’s on you to decide which one do you prefer and how you will use it.

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How to choose the best product?

We can’t say that one is better than another. It all depends on what do you want and why do you need it. All CBD products are specific, and they have different purposes. Bigger concentrations are used to treat specific problems, and controlled levels of CBD in one product mean it’s mostly for recreational purposes. In some products, you can even find a presence of THC too, if needed.

If you treat some targeted issue, like pains or digestive problems, water-soluble CBD is a better choice for you. Oils can be more expensive, and still not give the wanted effect. Also, if you want long-lasting effects, you need to consult with your pharmacist, or even the family doctor, just to see their thoughts on it. If you need to treat a local problem on your skin, for example, you can go with oils or other gels and tinctures, according to your needs.

Individual tolerance of the active ingredients is also a key factor in this case. Choose your favorite product smartly, so you can be sure you are using all the benefits you can, without causing any side effects.

Keep in mind that this doesn’t mean oils are bad. They also have some benefits by their side, including the prolonged effect as the main one.

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But, as we said, oils can be more expensive because of the resources needed to be produced. Also, the number of raw materials can be bigger for the same amount of water-soluble and oil products.

In the end, we aren’t the ones to determine which type of product do you need right now. It all depends on your preferences first, and then on your specific needs and demands. Just keep in mind that even though these products have really small THC concentrations or no THC at all, they can still be risky, and you shouldn’t take them alone, without consulting your doctor about that.

It’s good that we finally have the oils and other products more available for us, but just like every other supplement, you have to dose it properly, so you can avoid the heavy side effects.

We hope that the information in this article is useful for you and that you can now choose your preferred product wisely.