The cannabis industry has become huge in the last few years, due to the fact that it is now legal in many states and there are many products available now as a result of that. In the past, the use of marijuana was banned and judgment was passed upon those who used it. Marijuana is now more easily available than it was in the past and there are many health benefits being discovered about the herb that is drawing attention from people of all walks of life.

It’s open to note, however, that you have to clean your vape pen if you want it to last long, especially if you want to save money buying a new one each time it breaks or gets clogged up. What makes a vape pen last even longer is if you get a high-quality one, from a reputable brand from a reputable retailer like MagicVaporizers, as the quality of the vape pen will affect the lifespan it has. If you have bought a vape pen or dry herb vaporizer, or if you have one, and you would like to know how to clean it, here is how you should do it.

What the components are and what they do

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There are different components in a vape pen and dry herb vaporizer that may look intimidating at first but it is actually easy to use. Often, users who are accustomed to using a joint or a blunt, are afraid to try vape pens even though many will attest to having a better experience using vape pens than using a joint. Vape pens and dry herb vaporizers are a lot healthier as it doesn’t rely on combustion which is what releases harmful toxins and strains the throat.

This is because dry herb vaporizers use 2 different heating methods, depending on the vaporizer you have bought. The first method is conduction, and it simply means that the marijuana itself makes contact with a surface that is heated, until the marijuana vaporizes. This method is very similar to how a pan on a stove works. The second method is convection, and this is when hot air circulates the marijuana until it vaporizes. This method is similar to how a microwave or an oven works.

With regards to the components, a dry herb vaporizer has a mouthpiece that is used to draw on, a chamber to pack the herbs inside, and the battery that is is used to charge up the heating source. With a vape pen, there’s a tank that holds the e-liquid, the coil which heats the e-liquid and turns it into gas, and the battery which is its source of power.

Why it should be cleaned and when

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You should regularly clean your dry herb vaporizer or vape pen even if it’s just briefly after each use as it will aid in allowing the device to last longer. Every time you use the vape pen, a thin film forms around the coil which can clog the device and stop it from working in the future. This film of residue can prevent contact with the coils over time, which is very damaging to the battery. More than that, if you are using a conduction vaporizer which relies on contact, that residue will prevent the new herb from properly heating.

This means that old herb will stay in the chamber the next time you fill it up. Not cleaning the device also affects the taste the next time you use it as old residue burn with the new dry herb and vaporize.

Similarly, with a dry herb vaporizer, old herb residues can linger in the chamber and cause a bad taste to waft with the new herb the next time you smoke. Luckily, with dry herb vaporizers, there’s usually a small brush you can use to clean out the chamber. It would be a good idea to clean the device over a towel, as it can be very easy to drop the device, which should be avoided.

Cleaning the device

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Disassemble the parts of your vape pen by taking off the top and the bottom and removing the leftover dry herb. Make sure to take note of where each piece goes so that you don’t forget. It’s very important to remember that you should not clean your dry herb vaporizer with water, and it should not be anywhere near a tap.

This is because using water can damage any electrical components within the dry herb vaporizer. A much better idea would be to use cleaning alcohol, specifically isopropyl alcohol, which won’t damage your hands, or the actual vaporizer. In order to clean the vaporizer with the alcohol, you should make sure to clean around the rim of the chamber where the herb is placed.

To clean the inside of the chamber, it is best to use cotton buds or pipe cleaners, as these won’t scratch or damage the actual chamber itself, instead, gently dislodge any marijuana that is stuck, or left behind. The mouthpiece should also be cleaned with a cotton bud to clear the airflow path, and soaked in alcohol to ensure it is 100% clean. Run a paper towel through the tank and then air dry it for ten minutes before you reassemble the vape pen. Never dry your vape pen with heat or sunlight as this can be damaging in the process.

Cleaning your vape pen or your dry herb vaporizer is extremely important for the longevity of your device. There’s absolutely no point in buying a vape pen if you’re not going to take care of it properly. Make sure to read your instruction manual when you buy your vape pen as it may give you better insight on what to look out for and what is unique about your specific vape pen. Understand what each component is used for and why it should be cleaned, and make sure to actually clean it on a regular basis. Once you’ve got that sorted, you should be good to go.