In French, the word for a pet is animal de compagnie, which translates to ‘companion animal’ and rightly so. The animals that come into our lives become our pets and, in turn, our family. They are there through thick and thin with us, through the ups and downs, and the toughest and greatest moments.

Our pets offer unconditional support, and we offer unconditional love to them, which includes taking care of them, making sure they are fed right, have the right supplements, and doctor visits when needed. Of course, that involves hours and hours of petting, too, which is therapeutic for both you and your pet.

If you’re looking for ways to enhance your pet’s care, have you thought about using CBD? CBD is a non-psychoactive chemical compound, and it’s derived from the cannabis plant, mostly hemp or marijuana, the most widely known species. What separates these two types of plants is the amount of THC in them. THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is the primary psychoactive element in cannabis.

Marijuana plants contain high amounts of THC, while the hemp plant contains lower levels of THC. When it comes to pets, using hemp-derived THC won’t affect your pet’s mental state. Most products with CBD are hemp-derived.

Renowned for its powerful healing qualities, more and more pet owners are adding CBD into their pet’s overall health care to help with a wider variety of ailments specific to their pets. If you’re still undecided about CBD, here are ten reasons why it’s time for it:

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1. Don’t worry; your pet isn’t going to get ‘high.’

Contrary to popular belief, CBD is NOT psychoactive. It doesn’t contain properties that lead to intense feelings of euphoria, unlike the compound THC. Adding CBD into your pet’s daily care won’t affect their consciousness or get them intoxicated. If anything, they will feel calmer and more relaxed.

2. Makes them feel less anxious

Some pets tend to feel anxious when left alone, especially if they have been abandoned at some point in their life or abused. Some never get over the feeling of anxiety whenever pet parents leave the house for work, holiday, or just to run errands. To help reduce the intense separation anxiety they feel, you can calm your pets with a few drops of CBD, such as privatelabelcannabidiol in a diffuser when you leave the house.

3. Helps slow down or stop the growth of cancer

There’s growing research conducted to study the effectiveness of CBD use to slow or stop cancer cells in pets. This article by Davis MP shows some research and evidence conducted on CBD and how it helps in stopping bad cell growth in tumors. It’s not entirely focused on pet animals, but there’s weight to the benefits of CBD to aid in cancer.

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4. As the use of CBD grows, so is the research.

CBD use is evolving as the industry evolves. Researchers and scientists are expanding their work to not only include cats and dogs, but chordates of any size, shape, and kind, from mammals, reptiles, amphibians to birds and fish. This means that pet owners of any kind can look forward to using CBD in treating ailments specific to their animals.

5. It helps pets get through their pain.

Let’s face it – nothing hurts us more than to see our pets in pain. It’s even worse when pets can’t communicate their pain the same way humans do. If your pet has just gone through surgery or is recovering from an ailment, using CBD to manage their pain is effective. In a study conducted and published in July 2018 by Cornell University, researchers found that CBD administration increased the comfort of dogs suffering from arthritis.

6. It helps with inflammation.

CBD also has anti-inflammatory properties that allow pet owners to help their pets with pain management. CBD can help with arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, pancreatitis, lupus, and autoimmune diseases.

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7. A holistic approach to treating epilepsy

About 2% of cats and 5% of dogs suffer from epilepsy, and while certain drugs are effective in subduing seizures, it, however, can harm your pet’s digestive and cardiovascular systems. CBD is a more popular choice for pet owners as it provides a more holistic, natural, and non-toxic approach without adverse side effects.

8. Helps them eat better

This research from the National Cancer Institute has shown that CBD oil can increase the appetite in humans and animals. It promotes healthier eating habits among animals and reduces their discomfort when there’s a loss of hunger due to cancer. A few drops of CBD oil directly into the mouths of your pets can help reduce nausea-related vomiting.

9. The best way is the oil way

Well, there’s no other better (or easier) way to administer CBD than through its oil form. While there are capsules and treats, CBD oil is easily digestible. Plus, edibles have been known to have less concentration than the oil form. Administering CBD oil is also an easier way to measure the amount your pets can consume, ensuring a more precise distribution as and when your pets need it.

10. Also, don’t worry; it’s legal

If this is one of the main reasons preventing you from using CBD oil, don’t be. It’s legal, and it’s safe. As more research continues to be conducted and published, the more humans discover the benefits of CBD and its benefits to both humans and animals.

Checking with your vet is always essential in any pet regimen that you start them on. Informing the vet about habits and medications, any prescriptions that your pet is on, and any other essential information will help reap the full benefits of CBD.

Now that you know ten reasons why CBD should be in your pet’s health care, you can feel more assured in knowing that your pet will be safe. As always, staying informed with the growing research and studies conducted on CBD will ensure you’re on the right path toward giving your pet a long and healthy life by your side.