Cannabidiol (CBD) has become a very popular product to use as a natural health supplement. It has been found to help with things like pain, anxiety, sleep quality, and nausea. In addition to products from humans, there are now also CBD-based products marketed for pets.

There has been very little research into how CBD can help humans, let alone animals. This is partly because CBD is relatively new, and they’re just hasn’t been enough time for sufficient research to be conducted.

Here’s what we do know: it is extracted from the cannabis plant, including hemp and marijuana. You can get CBD flowers to smoke from many stores/, but for pets, you would either purchase an oil or an infused product.

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On its own, CBD does not contain any THC, so it is not psychoactive. THC can be toxic to animals and should not be given to them, but there are strains of CBD that are safe for animals to consume. Here are three kinds of CBD products that are safe for your pet to try:

1. CBD Treats for Anxiety Relief

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If you have animals that deal with anxiety from things like separation, strangers in the house, or thunderstorms, you know how difficult it can be to help them calm down. You can talk with your vet about trying CBD treats to reduce their anxiety, which CBD is known to do.

These treats can have multiple uses for different but common types of anxiety in pets:

  • Separation anxiety — For pets who get anxious when your not around, some CBD treats in the morning before you leave may help them deal with your absence
  • Travel anxiety — Give them the treats before they go for a car ride, or have to board an airplane
  • Vet or grooming anxiety — Going to the vet is an uncomfortable experience for a lot of pets; giving them CBD treats prior to a visit may help reduce their anxiety
  • Stranger anxiety — If your pet is scared around strangers and you’re going to have company over, give them some treats ahead of time
  • Thunder or fireworks — If you know there’s a thunderstorm coming, or a common night for fireworks, CBD treats may help your pet deal with the sudden, loud noises

CBD helps with their anxiety by interacting with parts of their brain that regulate things like stress, anxiety, and sleep. The CBD inhibits the receptors that cause anxiety to spike, helping them remain more calm than they would be otherwise. When they are more calm in these situations it can help them relax and avoid behavioural issues, such as hiding, lashing out, or shaking.

2. Oil for Pain or Nausea

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A simple product you can get is CBD oil. They come in dropper bottles, with a concentration level meant for dogs and cats of various sizes. When you look to buy CBD oil for your pet, make sure you look up how much to give your pet based on their weight.

The benefit of the oil is you can add it to your pet’s food or water. You can also put it into a syringe to give it to them directly. It can be a great help to older pets who have various conditions they can suffer from in their old age. The two most common issues have to do with pain and nausea or lack of appetite.

Joint pain is very common in older dogs and cats, after a lifetime of jumping up and down, playing, running around, and so on. CBD not only interacts with parts of their brain and central nervous system to reduce feelings of pain, it also is a great anti-inflammatory to reduce swelling or issues of that nature that can exacerbate pain.

For pets who have cancer or any other health condition that can reduce their appetite, CBD is a great supplement to reducing nausea and stimulating their appetite. It can be a big help getting them to eat their food to maintain their health, which is an important part of fighting off things like pain or illness.

3. Cream for Allergies

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Allergies, rashes or other skin issues can be common health concerns for pets. Some of the properties of CBD include helping improve your immune system and reducing inflammation. It also has a high concentration of antioxidants and omega-3 proteins, which are very helpful for skin health.

As a result, you can get CBD creams, lotions or balms that can be applied directly to the problematic skin. It can help alleviate some of the worst symptoms of their allergies, including things like the following:

  • Reducing inflammation — CBD has strong anti-inflammatory properties to help with inflamed skin that can cause discomfort in your pet
  • Reducing pain — Some allergies can cause pain, and CBD may help reduce it so they are in more comfort
  • Reduced itchiness — The above properties in CBD creams use other ingredients to soothe itchy, irritated skin so your pets do not bite or lick at it as much
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Remember that this will only help reduce the symptoms of your pets allergies. They will not cure or prevent the allergies from happening in the first place. You can always talk with your vet about what you can do to avoid allergies from flaring up.

CBD pet products are becoming increasingly popular among pet owners, and for a good reason. They can be life changers for pets that suffer from a variety of conditions, whether due to old age or skin conditions.

There are a variety of CBD products for your pets that you can try for specific conditions. CBD oil is the most versatile, as you can put it in their food, water, or use the drops directly into their mouths. Treats are good because your pets will want them, so they consume the CBD on their own. That is especially helpful for pets who tend to fight being given drops or pills directly.

It’s always a good idea to talk with your vet about what they can recommend to help your pet. CBD can be a big help, but as a supplement. There may be more substantive means to help with their issues that can be used in conjunction with CBD.