Cannabis seeds are a valuable and nutritious food product, have medicinal properties, and have been used by humans since ancient times. Regardless of the variety, they do not contain any psychoactive substances. Although there have been disputes about this plant for quite a long time, today, as well as several thousand years ago, people actively cultivate unique technical varieties of hemp and use it in a wide variety of spheres of life.

Fibers are processed and used in industry and everyday life — they are used to make paper, fabrics, threads, ropes, oils, fuel, animal feed, and many other products and materials. But are especially valued — they are not only used daily and in various forms for food but also make various medicines based on them.

Composition of hemp seeds

Due to the high content of important amino acids, minerals, vitamins and trace elements, hemp seeds have a unique nutritional value, as well as a fairly wide range of medicinal applications. What exactly do they contain, being so useful?

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  • Hemp seeds contain 20 essential amino acids for the normal functioning and health of the human body, which play an important role in the processes of muscle activity, blood circulation, brain activity and metabolism.
  • They also contain a large amount of protein and protein, which is often lacking in people who do not eat meat products.
  • The high content of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids in seeds has a fairly rare ratio of 1:3 (as in fish oil), which is the best proportion for their proper absorption by the human body and obtaining maximum benefits.
  • The composition contains a large number of useful micro-and macronutrients: K (Potassium), P (Phosphorus), Ca (Calcium), Mg (Magnesium), Fe (Iron), Mn (Manganese), Na (Sodium), Cu (Copper), Zn (Zinc), S (Sulfur).
  • Hemp seeds are also rich in a set of vitamins-A, most of the B vitamins, as well as vitamins C, D, E, PP.

Useful properties and applications

Medicinal properties of weed seeds were known to people several thousand years ago. They have an extensive range of applications, have a complex beneficial effect on the body. Preparations made on their basis help in the prevention and treatment of several ailments and diseases.

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  • Hemp seeds have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects;
  • Strengthen the immune system;
  • Normalize the work of the nervous system and brain, improve memory;
  • Have a calming effect, improve sleep;
  • Strengthen the cardiovascular system;
  • Improve the functioning of the liver and gallbladder, remove toxins from the body;
  • Improve the regeneration of damaged tissues;
  • Have a positive effect on male potency;
  • Stimulate milk production in nursing mothers;
  • Relieve various types of pain, including recurrent pain in women;
  • Reduce the risk of cancer;

For medicinal purposes, hemp seeds are usually made into oil, it is more concentrated and effective, but at home, it is much easier to make a paste or infusion of them. To do this, the powdered seeds are mixed with warm water in different proportions (for the infusion, more water, for the paste-less).

Use in cooking

For use in food, hemp seeds can be used in various forms: they are eaten peeled, sprouted, ground into flour, butter and milk are made from them. Further, having prepared the seeds in a certain way, they are used to prepare various dishes or consumed separately. Sprouted and raw peeled seeds can be added to salads. And in the crushed form, soups, hot dishes, snacks, sauces, and pastries are prepared with them. The taste of hemp seeds is very unusual: a little like nuts, they have a slight astringency and bitterness.

The recommended daily intake of hemp seeds is 2-3 tablespoons. In larger quantities, they can be worse absorbed by the digestive system. Otherwise, they have no contraindications to use, except in rare cases of individual intolerance.

Hemp seeds are stored with the preservation of all their useful qualities for an average of 6 months to 2 years. To do this, they must be kept in a cool, dry place without access to oxygen and direct sunlight.

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Hemp seeds help to restore a slim figure

If you intend to lose weight with hemp seeds, be sure to add them to your breakfast, and in the summer, add them to green and vegetable smoothies. Combine hemp seeds with spices (turmeric, cinnamon, or ginger) and honey. So, your cocktails will be much tastier and healthier.

If you try such a special product as hemp seeds for the first time, we will tell you a little secret of their proper use. Due to the fact that hemp seeds are particularly hard (approximately like coriander), before each use, they must be pre-soaked, sprouted, or ground with a coffee grinder. The taste of the seeds is very similar to nuts (they have a slightly pronounced bitterness). Therefore, it is practical to combine them with dry cereals and fruits. Some recommend using marijuana seeds instead of tea, simply pouring boiling water over them.

Anyway, hemp seeds are a unique product, the use of which in food can save you from many ailments and help you get rid of unloved extra pounds. You can always easily buy them on specialized sites in a matter of seconds, choosing the different varieties, such as green crack, grams, and the price that suits you.

How many hemp seeds can I eat every day?

Three to five tablespoons of seeds per day is an acceptable amount for an adult. For the daily diet of the child, use the same amount, but only teaspoons of seeds.

How to store hemp seeds?

There are several varieties of hemp seed, and each of them has its own shelf life-from several months to three years. Therefore, be sure to check this point with the seller or carefully read the instructions on the package.

Store the seeds in a dark, cool place, in a dry and sealed package, avoiding temperature differences (for example, in the refrigerator door).

Hemp seeds are delicious and healthy! Eat them every day, adding them to smoothies or other dishes, and you will be able to experience the full benefits of this wonderful superfood!