Cannabis is revered for its myriad medicinal benefits, and even more, for the powerful psychoactive high it delivers. But sometimes, this effect may not feel as potent as you would want it to be. Moreover, it could be more diminished than you expected or experienced previously. It can be frustrating, particularly when you look for excellent results that last longer.

But you cannot always expect consistent results every time, or get the same level of high that your friend may be experiencing. The best thing to do is to understand what may be influencing the effects of cannabis in your case. You may also try some proven ideas to take the intensity of cannabis high to the next level. Here are some practical ways you can try to experience better results.

Choose your strains wisely

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The effects of cannabis greatly depend on the choice of strains because each one has a different composition and action. The substance comes in a wide range of strains, so it makes sense to know them well enough. You can research cannabis strains online or seek recommendations from a friend. Typically, indicas deliver mellowing impacts while sativas are more about face-tingling excitement. You can try hybrids to nail a perfect experience that works for you. Seeking information on the THC levels also helps because it determines how high you can get. It is advisable to experiment with strains until you find one that offers the sensation you desire.

Be careful with storage

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Apart from choosing the right strain and product, you need to be extra careful with the storage to ensure its potency over time. If you store it in a normal plastic container without worrying much about exposure to heat and light, don’t expect to get the best results even from a quality product. Storage in plastic elevates the risk of weed going bad, so it is best to opt for airtight glass containers. You can use humidity packs to keep weed good over weeks. Store the jar in a cool and dry place to preserve the quality of the stash, and you will surely be able to get the intensity you expect.

Try changing up your methods

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You will probably notice that the effect of certain products and methods of consumption diminishes when you use it in the long term. Experimenting with methods is a good idea to fine-tune the intensity of cannabis high. You may like smoking, but trying different methods will give you a different sensation. Switching to edibles is advisable if you want the effect to be more lasting and steady as compared to that with smoking. Ideally, you should buy from sellers like, where you can get a range of products to try. With this, you have the option to order something different every time and experiment with consumption methods until you get the best experience.

Realign your routine

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While changing up your strains, products, and methods of consumption can boost the intensity of cannabis high, don’t forget the importance of routines. Taking too much or doing the same thing for a long time does not help. As your body gets used to more cannabinoids in the system, your tolerance improves. You will not be able to experience the same levels of high if you continue with the same routine. Consider tweaking it a bit, rather than increasing the intake. For example, you try smoking earlier in the day if you have too much at night. Alternatively, abstain until evening if you start the day with a session.

Take a tolerance break

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If realigning your cannabis routine does not seem to work, it is advisable to take a tolerance break. You will need to be honest with yourself because your consumption levels may be over the top. The diminishing returns are probably the result of over-indulging and over-exposure to cannabis. Consider going a month without cannabis to reset your tolerance levels. The longer you stay off, the higher will be the intensity once you start again. A tolerance break may sound like a tough thing to do, but it can deliver excellent results if you are struggling to experience the high you would want to.

Eat the right foods

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Although it may sound surprising, the foods you eat also affect the intensity of cannabis high. There are several foods that blend well with the substance to boost its potent impact. A cup of green tea and black tea is a great accompaniment because it can optimize the soothing effects of cannabinoids. Dark chocolate also works well when it comes to sustaining the length of your high with cannabis. Similarly, foods high in omega-3 fatty acids are capable of synthesizing endocannabinoids and cannabinoid receptors effectively. Foods with terpenes elevate the high, so eat more mangoes, broccoli, and nuts to get the best results.


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Another effective measure to take the cannabis intensity a notch higher is by following a rigorous exercise routine. Excessive body fat can interfere with the effect of the substance because it absorbs and stores THC. It can slow down the release of THC and you will not experience the high that a certain level of cannabis consumption should give. Cutting down on body fat is the key to getting the best results in terms of intensity of the high substance. Combined with the right diet, a good exercise routine can make all the difference. Additionally, the overall benefits of exercise for good health cannot be overemphasized.

Getting the best results from cannabis depends on a number of factors. If you expect a certain level of intensity, you need to ensure that everything is in place, right from the choice of strain to method of consumption, quality of the product, and proper storage. Aligning your lifestyle is equally important to experience the benefits of cannabis because your consumption habits and tolerance levels make a difference. Since there is no one-size-fits-all formula that applies to cannabis usage, you need to understand your anatomy and reaction to the substance to decide what works the best for you.