Although we are used to the fast speed of the world of today, sometimes we are unable to give 100%. It might be due to some distractions that might make it difficult to focus. Sometimes, though, it might be the pain that makes it impossible to concentrate. Although there are many reasons why you might be experiencing pain, there are some methods that you could try if you don’t want to take any pills. In a second, you’ll learn about ways to help your deal with the pain.



One of the common ways to alleviate pain without taking any drugs is massage. It is most likely that you spend a lot of time in front of the computer screen, which is hardly natural for your body. Our ancestors spent their days moving from one place to another. Unfortunately, if you work in an office, you might have to sit for extended amounts of time. It has a negative effect on your muscles, and it often leads to pain. Massage relaxes muscle tissue, which reduces contractions that cause pain. That’s not all. Physical touch during the massage and the feeling of relaxation decreases the levels of cortisol, a hormone that is responsible for the feeling of stress. It means that massage can not only help with your pain, but it can also help you to feel more relaxed.



Recently, more and more places have passed laws making it legal to sell and buy marijuana. In Canada, it was made legal in 2018, whereas in the United States, the situation still varies in different states. Those changes are not taking place without reason. Although we need more studies on this subject, scientists have discovered that marijuana can help with all kinds of pain. It is beneficial for people with migraine headaches, reducing the intensity, but also the frequency of the episodes. That’s not all – it is even used by people who are terminally ill to decrease the pain levels. If you live in Canada and want to learn how to grow your own marijuana, then you can check out Cannabis Growing Canada.

If it is possible, you should try products containing both CBD and THC. Even if in your country the allowed amount of THC in products is limited, it is worth choosing such products over those that don’t contain THC at all. That’s because of something called “Entourage effect”. There are hundreds of compounds in marijuana, and so far, we have studied only some of them. It seems that even if they have various properties, their effects are much stronger if they aren’t separated. It means that if it is legal in your country, it’s better to choose products that also contain THC. If it’s only a small amount, you won’t have to worry that you’ll get “high”, which means that you’ll be able to focus on your work without any issues.



If there aren’t any massage parlors near your home, you could try another method for your muscles. If you spend plenty of time in unnatural positions, you could try stretching. If you haven’t done that in years, you might be terrified that you are not even remotely close to being able to touch your toes. Unfortunately, that’s the price that we pay for our sedentary lifestyle. Whether it will work depends on the underlying causes of pain. If you start regularly stretching, you might notice that you no longer experience pain in your muscles.



Walking will not help with every type of pain, but if you are experiencing migraines, then walking could be the answer. Studies have shown that regular exercise can help people with both migraines and headaches. Physical activity causes your body to release endorphins, which makes the pain less intense. If you are experiencing some pain in your foot or leg, then walking could cause more harm than good. If you stay reasonable, though, then just a quick visit to the park could help you decrease the intensity of the pain.



If you have too many responsibilities, then you might have trouble focusing on your work. Even more, too much stress can be the cause of physical pain. It doesn’t mean that you need to start taking drugs that could hurt you in the long run. There is a much simpler way to alleviate pain – meditation. The studies show that meditation can help with pain by helping the body to relax, but also by making it less of a nuisance. It won’t directly decrease the pain levels, but it helps people to clear their minds. It has a calming effect and decreases the levels of cortisol while elevating the levels of serotonin. As an effect, you wouldn’t be in so much pain, because your body would release natural painkillers. That’s not all. It is often the case that people who experience great pain have trouble focusing on their tasks. Meditation helps people accept whatever they are experiencing. Even if they are still in pain, they might learn to tolerate it better.



If remaining motionless for an extended period of time seems like too much for you, then you could try another method instead. Yoga essentially combines several of the previously mentioned techniques into one. As a physical activity, it causes your brain to release chemicals that make you feel good, and it incorporates elements of stretching, which could help you if your muscles ache because you are sitting too much. At the same time, you will focus on your breathing, which will help your body relax even further. You don’t need to go to yoga classes. Places like Youtube contain hundreds of different tutorials on how to do different poses. All that you need is a mat and some even surface.

Be Careful


All of the methods mentioned above have been proven to alleviate the pain. It doesn’t mean, though, that every method will work in your case. Some of them, like stretching, will help only if there are specific causes of the pain. Consuming cannabis products, on the other hand, should help with all kinds of pain, though it could lead to some side effects as well. Before you try any of those methods, you should contact your doctor first. Otherwise, you could injure yourself even more.


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