The alternative health and wellness field has multiplied over the past year, and it is because of the growing popularity of CBD oil. However, there are still some concerns from different camps of people on whether or not this product is sufficient enough to use on a consistent basis. Many people boast using cannabidiol and shout the benefits of this main ingredient in the hemp plant, but others are cautious and want to proceed carefully.

If you are one of the many people who are constantly searching for educational research and information about the natural remedies you put into your body, this article will explain more about cannabidiol and how it can help. Science also agrees that using CBD oil is a smart option for your home. Here are 5 scientific studies that provide real results for the wellness seeker.

#1 – CBD Contains No Abuse Potential

One of the number one concerns many people have about cannabidiol is whether or not it contains addictive properties. The last thing someone who is searching for an alternative wellness source is to become tolerant of a product and forced to keep using it. However, according to the World Health Organization, CBD oil contains no addictive properties and has zero potential for abuse.

This comes as a sigh of relief for many who have read the various benefits of this oil. In fact, the World Health Organization went on to explain that there were no public health-related problems associated with pure CBD oil either. Now, concerned individuals can enjoy CBD at their leisure whenever they want to feel more balanced in their life.


#2 – CBD Oil For Pain Management

Out of the many aches and pains you feel throughout the day, it would be nice to know you were putting something besides chemicals in your body. In fact, a study revealed that over 70% of Americans were taking prescription medications daily. That is a staggering number that needs to decrease because out of this 70 %, 66% of those people were taking prescribed medications for pain management.

The European Journal of Pain published a study that shared how CBD oil was used to improve arthritis pain. The rat models they used showed an increased improvement in inflammation and movement throughout the week of study. A separate study in the Journal of Experimental Medicine confirmed that CBD oil does help in various pain management experiments.

Sadly, most of America suffers from some sort of pain at different points in their lives, and cannabidiol can be very effective at managing this by consistent use daily.

#3 – Pure CBD Oil Could Help Improve Anxiety

Did you know that over 18.1% of the American population over 18 years old suffer from anxiety? It is a sad thing happening in our country, and a lot of people are affected by this disease every year. If you are one of those people, there is science that supports using cannabidiol oil for your anxiety.

Various universities and national research institutions have been experimenting with whether or not CBD oil can improve someone’s anxiety. Their lab testing has shown positive results so far. PubMed published a study that shared this very thing. Even though they have done mostly animal testing, and limited human testing, when working with pure CBD (hemp) oil, their results suggests this product shows anti-anxiety properties within the test subjects. This is all around great news for people suffering from this horrible condition.


#4 – Cannabidiol and Depression

We have shown you a lot of statistics in this article, and we do this for a reason. We want to share how many people are affected by various problems. One of these problems is depression. Almost 40% of America’s population suffers from one form of depression or another.

NCBI published their study of CBD oil and depression, and their models showed improvement in cognitive function and 5-Hta receptors. This means the oil improved the model’s ability and showed characteristics of antidepressant properties.

#5 – CBD Showed Improvement in Acne

One of the largest industries in America is the skincare industry. Billions of dollars are spent every year because people are trying to not only look younger but feel younger at the same time. CBD is an ever-popular product because of the cannabinoid properties and various characteristics found in full-spectrum hemp oil.

One of the major causes of acne is due to the secretion of sebum in the skin. This is an oily reaction which causes what we know as acne to form. However, one study shared, when CBD oil was applied, it prevented these sebaceous glands from secreting so much sebum, therefore, stopping the skin from becoming overly oily and causing problems. Another study revealed that cannabidiol was a safe and effective treatment for preventing acne altogether.


In Conclusion

Thousands of people every day are switching on their computers to find an alternative route to their health and wellness. When one is truly convinced there is something natural out there that can help them, CBD oil usually comes into the picture because of the important compounds and characteristics it provides the user. If you are one of those people who have been looking for a natural resource to keep your body balanced and healthy, cannabidiol is a safe and effective tool you can use to pave the way to wellness.