CBD is the new wonder drug, recommended for everything from stress and anxiety to inflammatory conditions like osteoarthritis, even your pets can benefit from it.  But which is the best format to take it in? How you take CBD oil will impact its effectiveness and how long it takes to work. We take a look at the options for CBD oil products

source: beautyindependent.com
  • CBD Oil Vaporisers – vaporizers and vape pens are good for a short term, immediate impact, say to relieve the symptoms of a panic attack
  • Oral capsules – these supply a continuous amount of CBD into your system whether via tablet or oral gel capsule.  The pill or capsule has to be digested and then broken down within the stomach before being absorbed across the gut wall into the bloodstream.  According to www.hempura.co.uk, this type of administration tends to suit a chronic pain management situation such as osteoarthritis.  It is easier to ensure a regular dose as the tablets or capsules are all pre-measured
  • Suppositories – for sexual pleasure, vaginal sprays are an alternative.  Suppositories can be used anally and vaginally – the latter is called weed tampons – to reduce pain and inflammation, proving popular to reduce the discomfort of menstruation
  • Lubricants – designed to increase blood flow to the genitalia and to enhance both stimulation and relaxation
  • Tincture or neat oil – for a quick response, you can use the dropper to place a few drops of liquid under your tongue or into a drink.  This is good for a stressful situation but equally can work well as a daily body boost in much the same way that you would take a multi-vitamin pill
  • Edibles or gummies – a sweet treat just because you feel like it or the enhancement to an evening out.  Perfectly proportioned, these follow the premise that small amounts of CBD can ramp up and energize whereas higher doses will induce calmness and drowsiness
  • Topicals – creams, body salves and gels designed to place directly onto the skin, ideal for treating inflammation and these are often used in conjunction with CBD oil which is ingested
  • Beverages – CBD oil is available in soft drinks, tea and coffee, and even cocktails
  • CBD Oil Cosmetics – well, if its good for the inside of you then it must be good for the outside
source: cbdoil.org

The challenge with these different formats is evaluating how much CBD oil you are actually taking each time, some argue that in minute forms, such as the edibles or gummies, there is not actually enough to make a difference.  However, some scientists feel that CBD oil needs to accumulate in the human body before it becomes effective. Therefore small amounts over a period of time could be effective and potentially more efficacious than a one-off larger dose.  Each product will contain different levels of CBD oil so you need to study the label carefully to understand what you are buying. Make the distinction between hemp seed oil sometimes also called hemp oil and CBD oil. Hemp oils do not usually contain any CBD.