CBD is a compound derived from the cannabis plant. It stands for cannabidiol and is part of the cannabinoid chemical compound family. While the notion of a supplement that comes from cannabis might give you some pause, know that CBD only contains trace amounts of the psychoactive compound tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

CBD only contains, at most, 0.03% THC making it perfectly safe to use and will not get you “high” at all. This also means you needn’t worry about it being habit-forming.

What Happens After You Take CBD? How Does it Work?

CBD primarily interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). This is a system that is present in all mammals. This similarity is also one of the reasons for CBD’s current rise in popularity within the pet care industry. The ECS is a type of regulatory system that acts as a neurotransmitter. This system helps in balancing the body’s homeostasis, which is a vital characteristic of all living organisms.

An essential aspect of the ECS is that it doesn’t just respond to natural cannabinoids produced within the body but also external ones such as CBD. This is an important facet about the ECS as it means we can manually enhance its functionalities with the right compound, i.e., CBD.

When the ECS detects and receives CBD, it will transfer the collected compound to its two receptors, aptly named CB1 and CB2. CB1 is produced in the brain while CB2 is primarily found in the spleen, tonsils, and immune cells. Together, this system helps the body maintain its homeostasis.

Benefits of Taking CBD

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CBD is marketed as a way to help alleviate and treat symptoms of anxiety and stress. It also shows some promise in stemming cancer from developing, although the latter claim still requires more in-depth study.

That said, the CBD compound does show promise and potential when it comes to health care in both humans and animals. Other benefits that CBD is showing potential in also include alleviating schizophrenia symptoms.

In terms of treatment, CBD is a known medication for those who suffer from different types of epilepsy, specifically the Dravet and Lennox-Gastaut syndromes.

How to Use CBD?

An interesting fact about CBD is that it can be developed in numerous ways. Each offers a different delivery method, which makes this supplement a highly versatile compound. We will be listing down all the forms CBD can be taken, note that each is designed for different preferences.

Additionally, various CBD forms will each vary in regard to the speed of how quickly one will experience the effects. To help you figure out which type of CBD to take, here is a quick rundown of each type and how long it takes for the benefits to take effect.

  • Edible Form

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There is a wide selection of edible CBD-based products in the market. This comes in the form of either drinks or real solid foods. One of the most popular edible CBD products come in the form of gummies. The effects can be felt between half an hour to a full hour.

  • Oil

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This is a far more concentrated form; thus, it is recommended to use a dropper to control the total intake of the compound. A drop of CBD oil is typically placed underneath the tongue so that it is directly absorbed into the bloodstream, according to Remedy Review. As for how fast this form will take effect, several factors should be considered. These factors include:

  • The concentration of the CBD oil
  • Weight of the person receiving it.
  • Take medication on your hand.
  • Take it with an empty stomach.

Taking all of these can effects are typically felt after 15 minutes in most cases.

  • Pills

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Most CBD products that come in pill or capsule form contain either CBD oil or CBD isolate. This is used similarly to any health supplements. Dosage is best inquired to a health professional, but you can also follow the indicated use of CBD pills/capsules found in its label. As for how long it will take to kick in, expect anywhere between 20 minutes to an hour.

  • Topical Medication

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You can also find CBD-infused ointments and creams. These are designed to be applied to the skin or hair. As a skincare product, CBD-based topical solutions are often used to promote healthy hair and skin. It can also be used as a therapeutic massage. As for its effects, you can expect to feel the benefits within minutes.

  • Vape

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Vaping is another way to take CBD. As the name implies, those who will use vaping as their primary means of taking CBD will do so with the vaporized form of the compound. The effects can be felt within 15 minutes.

An important note here is that while CBD does not contain any nicotine, vaping CBD products may include the compound into the ingredient. Check the CBD oil’s ingredients to see if the manufacturer has added additional compounds into the mix.

What Form of CBD is the Best?

Well, this is subjective to each individual. As we have stated earlier, there are several factors to consider when picking the type of CBD to take.

A person’s weight, state of health, medication, and age may be vital elements in figuring out which kind of CBD is best suited for your needs. We should also consider what your goal is in taking CBD. Is it for alleviating stress/anxiety or for treating certain cosmetic conditions?

Overall, Holisticwatch.com does recommend you check out CBD oil first as it is providing a far more concentrated form of the substance. It is also easy to take and is the most popular variation of CBD, making it incredibly easy to find at your local supermarket.

Final Thoughts

While CBD is rising in popularity, please do not take it as a cure-all tonic. It is best suited for those who experience anxiety attacks. Any other use must be consulted with a health professional first and foremost. Remember not to take risks when it comes to your health and always seek the advice of your doctor.