Cannabidiol, or CBD for short, has really been growing in popularity over the last few years. Combined to the last decade, it has enjoyed an immense rise mostly thanks to the various ways in which it could now be consumed. There is an important difference between CBD and regular marijuana, which is THC. CBD products are very beneficial for pain relief and anti-inflammatory properties, and this is what it is mostly used, while marijuana is sought for the famous high it gives people.

Here in the article, you will find out important information about the different ways of consuming CBD. Except for various ways of smoking and vaping, three other practices are now becoming more and more important. These include edibles, oils, and pastes. Read on to learn about them, and if you wish to purchase some of these products, check out The CBD Supplier.

1. Traditional Smoking

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By far the most obvious and widespread way of consuming any kind of CBD or medical marijuana is smoking. For a strong and almost immediate effect, smoking it allows you to take in everything CBD has to offer. Applying heat to the CBD rich plant quickly releases its useful particles and ingredients in the form of smoke that the consumer inhales. Overall, it is a relaxing feeling for the user, and while it delivers the substance into the body quite quickly, there are some bad sides. For example, there is no type of smoking good for the respiratory system. For people with coughing or breathing problems, smoking CBD should not be a practice. Lung ailments and respiratory diseases also present an obstacle to consuming CBD like this.

2. Vaping Pens

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Vaping is a modern, fancy way of smoking through the use of a vaporizing atomizer. These small cigarette-like gadgets are able to turn CBD liquids into a vapor that the consumer inhales similarly to smoking. Vape pens and other types of vaporizers are arguably healthier and less damaging to the body than traditional smoking, with almost the same rate of CBD compound intake. Vaping inhalation process could also give quicker and larger doses of CBD depending on the kind of vaping device. However, there were some issues with vaping in the last few years, with reports claiming vaping is actually more dangerous than smoking. Still, the market is oversaturated with possibilities like customizable vapors and all sorts of vape fluid flavors.

3. Pastes (and other Topical Products)

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Moving on to the less traditional and more modern ways of consuming CBD, we have to mention products like pastes and topical products. First off, CBD pastes come in syringe-type containers that you apply to your fingertip or fingernail. After you have poured your desired dosage, place it beneath your tongue, and leave it there for half a minute to dissolve. After this, swallow it. This is a very popular and fun way to take in your favorite CBD flavors. The effect is quick, and the taste is great.

Similarly to this paste, there exist various topical products including creams, rubs, and balms. Like any other type of cosmetics, they are applied directly onto the skin. This is the favorite type of consumption by athletes because most of them enjoy treating sore muscles and aches after intensive workouts with CBD. The beauty industry is also quickly realizing the potential of CBD topical items and integrating them into their cosmetics. You can now treat various skin conditions like acne, pimples, and wrinkles with products containing CBD in them.

4. Oils (and Tinctures)

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Next up we have CBD oils and tinctures. Although very similar in nature, they are different products. Both CBD oils and CBD tinctures come in the same kind of packaging, and they are applied the same way. In addition, making them further alike is the process of manufacturing. Oils and tinctures can be extracted either with alcohol or CO2. One major difference between them however is the time it takes for them to soak. When compared to CBD tinctures, CBD oils are of higher quality and they tend to be more beneficial to our body.

On the other hand, oils usually do not come in flavors, which is not a problem for the purists and those who generally enjoy oils. For the customers who do not like the natural oily taste, tinctures are perhaps better since they come in various flavors. Going back to the oils, they have a wide variety of applications and can actually be used in multiple ways. First off, they can be used in vaping devices like pens. Next, they can be consumed orally through food. Lastly, oils are also great as topical products like any other essential oil and it can help with your skincare routine.

5. CBD Edibles (Food and Drinks)

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Finally, you can consume CBD in the form of food. Through the popular media and perhaps from the people you know, you probably heard about the term “munchies” in relation to consuming marijuana. This refers to the sudden feeling of hunger after consuming it. Therefore, many companies made a smart move and started incorporating CBD into their food products. This way, you are already munching down on your favorite snacks while consuming CBD, eliminating the need for extra calories. When it comes to potency and the effect of CBD edibles, it greatly varies from product to product, and from brand to brand. If you are a newbie, start with the ones that have low concentration.

Once you want more, gradually start increasing the dosages or move to stronger products. For experienced CBD consumers, there are many options with high doses of CBD per serving. Some of the most popular forms of CBD edibles include various chocolate goodness, gummy bears, chewing gums, candy, and taffy. Drinks also closely followed the food, so there are now smoothies, milkshakes, and coffee beverages that contain dosages of CBD. If you are a foodie who enjoys some of these delicious treats, why not try these special new products? In addition, if you want to start using CBD products but are not sure about how, or if you feel hesitant or anxious about some of the other ways of consuming it, edibles will surely work for you.