Many people assume that since hemp oil is made from a plant that is similar to marijuana that hemp oil also has drugs. But in actuality, it doesn’t; instead, cannabidiol can be found, which treats severe cases of anxiety and even epilepsy. While there are many serious medical illnesses that hemp extract can cure, it is a well-known skincare ingredient. It is said to be a potent ingredient for treating acne as well as eczema just from using it naturally.

Skincare is an integral part of many people’s lives. They use various ingredients in their routines to achieve healthy and glass-like skin. When looking at natural ingredients for skincare, hemp seed extract is one of the best ingredients that you can find for both dry and oily skin types. Various skincare items are created from this oil, like a daily hemp oil facial cleanser, serum, and so on, which you can find on sites like

There aren’t many ways that hemp oil can be used as a cleanser, but it is readily available as the oil itself, serum, or even in a face mist. It has anti-inflammatory properties, fatty acid, Vitamin B group, and so on. All these properties make hemp seed an excellent choice for almost every step of your skincare, which you can use all over the body. Well, many people don’t like to extend their routines and stick to a cleanser and moisturizer, then how will you use hemp seed extract as a cleanser?


How Can You Use Hemp Oil As A Cleanser?

Hemp Oil is an excellent natural skincare ingredient. It is even a generational skincare ingredient in families for clear skin, glowing hands, and a non-flaky scalp. Well, how to incorporate this ingredient as a cleanser? This oil can be used as Micellar water, oil cleanser, or hemp extract formulated into the gel or lotion consistency cleanser.

To use it as micellar water, rub the oil on the needed area, wait for the makeup and dirt to melt, and wash it off in a few minutes. Since it is a non-clogging oil, it will not clog your pores and instead take the makeup and dirt out of them. When washing it off, it will remove all the dirt and makeup from your skin without irritating skin. Similarly, you can use it as a cleansing oil by rubbing it on your skin, letting it sit for a few minutes, and then washing it off.

One last way hemp extract can be used as a commercial cleanser where it can be formulated into a lotion or gel consistency and be used as an everyday cleanser. It might not be helpful for a few people to use the hemp extract directly on inflamed or already irritated skin. Therefore using it as a daily cleanser would be gentler for your skin and provide you with better results.


Benefits Of Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp seed oil or extract has various features, such as anti-inflammatory and anti-aging. While it’s essential to understand what it has but what’s more important is to know where you can use it and why. To understand its benefits and uses, they are listed below.

  • Improved Skin

In hemp extract, there are good amounts of linoleic acids, omega fatty acids, and vitamin B groups. It helps in promoting the presence of good fats and oil, providing nourishment to the skin. It, in turn, results in healthy glowing skin, reduced signs of aging, and a reduction in acne if present. It also helps reduce unhealthy redness on the face through consistent application and massaging with this extract.

  • Heart Health

Linoleic acid is the main reason this extract reduces the chances of various heart issues such as strokes and bad cholesterol. It is because linoleic acid breaks down bad cholesterol and promotes good cholesterol. It further leads to a healthy flow of blood throughout the body.

  • Healthy Nails

The omega fatty acids in the extract help promote moisture and nourish the skin to produce good oil. This extract then helps the cuticle and the nails by providing them support, environmental protection, and nutrients to grow better. Regular application of this extract will ensure that your nails do not develop any skin peelings and cause any damage to the nail and its surrounding skin.

  • Healthy Hair

Hemp extract has the perfect blend of amino and fatty acids. The amino acids work into your hair to provide the ideal environment for the production of good protein. This good protein is proven to increase hair growth and strength. At the same time, the omega fatty acids remove the flake from your scalp if present and rid it of any buildup.

Omega fatty acids are also why after applying this extract, the scalp becomes nourished and moisturized. It all together promotes healthy and strong hair.

  • Blood Pressure

The omega fatty acids present in the hemp extract work on lowering the blood pressure when they first get absorbed into your body. It is also why many people with anxiety and hypertension intake this oil for its anti-stressing properties. While it has CBD, you should not mix it with other prescription tablets. Since it lowers blood pressure at a very fast rate, it should be taken into consideration and observed.



It is very rare to find ingredients that can work over many aspects of your body when taken by you. These effects can also differ by the application process. Hemp seed oil can be easily used in various ways for various purposes, as stated above. To understand how hemp oil helps with various issues, you should read the above benefits slowly for better understanding.

If you do not follow proper care and a properly formulated product taking in the raw oil, you should be careful of the dosage and tablets you take. If possible, take it in the presence of a medical practitioner to avoid any mishap with the dosage. The hemp seed oil has many benefits for the whole body but could turn useless even for your skin if not applied properly.