You probably heard about CBD or cannabidiol. It is a byproduct of cannabis which marijuana is a good example of. Granted, CBD can be illegal in some areas due to the fact that it is made from marijuana. Anyway, CBD is very useful and is actually used as a form of medication for some people.

It is mostly used for brain-related cases as well as people that have problems with their nerves. CBD has gone to be a very popular supplement but aside from CBD, there is another byproduct of cannabis and that is THC. THC stands for tetrahydrocannabinol and it is a bit different from CBD. There are some similarities between the two but TCH stands out on its own.

What is THC all about?

Just as we stated, THC is a byproduct of cannabis. The property it has is that it is the one that has the euphoric benefits from cannabis. Basically, if you smoke marijuana, the chemical that makes you high is THC. While CBD is more into the therapeutic and regenerative properties, THC is more into brain pleasure. It releases dopamine that helps give the brain a certain thrill and pleasure.

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Health supplements that THC can take the form of

You don’t have to take marijuana when you want to take THC. Much like CBD, there are THC health supplements that people can use. That’s because THC also has some health benefits aside from just blazing your mind away. They can come in standard medical supplements that look like capsules, pills, tablets, and more. All you need to do is to just take supplements based on the required dosage. It isn’t like any other supplement that you may need to take once a day.

You just need to make sure that the supplements are authentic so that you don’t get some side effects and more. THC supplements can also come in the form of oils. These oils can be ingested naturally, used externally, and can be mixed with other food. There are even water-soluble THC supplements which you can drink. It sounds a bit strange but you can always mix it with other ingredients to make an interesting beverage.

The reason why water-soluble THC is popular is that it dissolves naturally. You won’t get a weird consistency and it is entirely liquid. The other thing is that you can get the effects of THC on your head and others. There are even those THC gummies that you can eat. In fact, water-soluble THC gummies are also a thing and it makes a very interesting drink if you know what you’re doing.

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Health benefits of THC

There are benefits of THC rather than just getting high or having that euphoric blast. THC is useful for those that have low appetite. This is perfect for people who don’t eat that much but want to do so. It is also good for treating nausea. Then again, you have to make sure that it is a medical treatment and not just a regular THC supplement. THC is also good for treating anxiety which is also one of the benefits of CBD as well. Looking for THC gummies online? I recommend you to visit

It also helps reduce and get rid of your insomnia. It isn’t so much a sleeping agent but something that gets rid of your sleeping problems in the long run. THC is used for pain relief and muscle spasticity which the latter is a condition where the muscle stiffens and gets hard. Finally, using THC can be good for people that have glaucoma. Glaucoma is a condition that is related to your eyes. It can pretty much cause problems with your vision and more.

Some side effects of THC

There are some side effects that THC may also give. This only happens when you’re using faulty supplements or if you don’t follow the dosage requirement. In some cases, it could also be your body’s reactions to the THC itself. There are some people that will react differently to certain medication and supplement. Think of it as an allergic reaction although it may not be as severe in the process.

A side effect that THC has is coordination problems. This has something to do with your brain where you think you’re doing something but you’re having problems doing it. In relation to that, you tend to have slow reactions and you can’t react the right way. You’ll even have side effects where your heart beats much faster. Short term memory loss can also happen which can be annoying. A couple of minor ones would be red eyes and dry mouth.

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Legalities of THC

THC is also on the same boat as CBD due to the fact that it is made from cannabis or marijuana. Keep in mind that marijuana is illegal in a lot of places around the world. Then, there are places where it is legal but the question is if THC is legal?

The answer is dependent on the place. There are some places around the world where CBD is legal even though marijuana is illegal. That can be the same for THC where it can be legal despite its source being illegal. The trick is that there are regulations where you can’t just buy THC. You may need to be of legal age and identification just so you can buy and use these things.

Last things to consider with THC

THC is very popular today because a lot of people don’t want to smoke marijuana but would still want to experience it. It gives off the same sensation but it doesn’t really make you that high.

The point is that people are looking for substitutes and THC that you can mix with water can be a good thing. Always make sure that you are going to buy authentic and safe products. Don’t buy from questionable sources and you’ll be fine when you take THC as a form of supplement or recreation.