Different parts of the world still cannot agree on the legality of CBD oil. While some countries have recognized the positive effects it has on human health, accepted and approved its use, others haven’t yet. This situation can seem very confusing in the eyes of people who travel often. Many of them use products based on CBD oil and need it on the road because of its benefits, which include falling asleep during the flight for those who are afraid of flying, as well as reducing anxiety.

However, by carrying on a trip, you can run into certain problems, depending on the country you are going to. To reduce the risk of unpleasant situations or the risk of punishment if they discover at the airport or border that you have such products in your bag, you should be well informed in advance. You can find all the information you need in the law that regulates this area in a particular country.

CBD is a non-toxic substance called cannabidiol and is part of cannabis and hemp. As long as it doesn’t exceed the legally prescribed amount of THC, you can take it to the countries where it’s legalized.

Before you decide to pack it in a bag, it would be good to look at some other factors. Let’s see which ones.

TCA’s attitude

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Until recently, travel with products containing CBD was banned by this agency. But, in the meantime, the situation has changed and today it is approved to carry CBD oils and medicines that contain hemp. But, these medicines must be approved by the FDA because that is the only way they have the status of legal.

This change in the attitude of TCA is the result of the legalization of medicine called Epidiolex. It contains exactly this oil, but it is used in children who have epilepsy, which is why the FDA approved its use, even on trips.

The United States, together with the TCA, has defined certain regulations under which you can fly with your cannabis oil. These regulations also include a THC concentration below 0.3% to avoid feeling too intense and causing psychoactive effects.

The United States has legalized only hemp oil, which means that the one obtained from marijuana isn’t allowed.

Traveling by plane with CBD oil

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As we mentioned earlier, all countries have special rules when it comes to carrying this substance in luggage. The information you will find about Europe and America won’t be the same as for the Middle East. Therefore, you need to carefully consider the legal regulations.

Here is the situation in the United States, Canada, and Europe.


Canadian laws are, as expected, a little more liberal compared to the Middle East, for example. Canadians have legalized both recreational and medical cannabis, reducing the need for excessive restrictions when traveling that way.

The prescribed permitted amount of THC, which exists in the case of various other countries, doesn’t exist here. So, you can land at the airport and stay in Canada for 30 days with your CBD products, without fear of being punished for it.

The only restriction that exists is the one required by the airline, and that is the amount of liquid you can bring on the plane. It’s usually 100ml.


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The Drug Enforcement Agency was the institution involved in the regulation of CBD in America. The decision made refers to the amount of THC that is acceptable for oil transfer and it is 0.3%. All efforts by TCA have been made to implement this decision.

All passengers are subject to detailed control. However, rumors are circulating that small deviations from the prescribed concentration are not a problem, but it is still better not to take risks. Otherwise, you may be met by someone who will report the violation to the competent authorities.

On the other hand, things are not as simple as they seem when it comes to traveling to America. Some local rules are not yet in line with state rules and therefore information on local laws is also recommended.


The rules in Europe are even more rigorous than those in the US. Here, the maximum allowed concentration of THC is 0.2%. Of course, this is also a global rule, at the level of the entire continent. However, the limit is so low that at the local level you shouldn’t encounter large deviations.

However, you should know that you cannot say with certainty what percentage of THC the product you took with you has. All manufacturers will point out on the packaging what the authorities want to see, but is that really true? The only way to determine this is by laboratory testing. That’s why it’s crucial to buy from reliable manufacturers.

Tips for Those Who Want to Take CBD oil on a Trip

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Different products contain this oil, which means that you can take it with you in different forms and consume it in different ways. Some of them are creams, lotions, vaping devices, and sometimes various types of edible products.

The best way to avoid having to be thoroughly searched at the airport is not to report such products separately. Behave normally, so as not to cause suspicion that you want to hide it from the customs officer. Still, you don’t even have to wave it in front of their eyes and clearly arouse suspicion. Once you become suspicious you will be searched and then you can be late for the next flight.

Vaping devices are allowed in hand luggage, while in checked luggage they aren’t.

Hemp flower products aren’t allowed and it is advised not to carry them with you. Otherwise, you may be detained at the airport until laboratory tests are performed.

What you need to pay attention to when buying products that contain CBD oil before going on a trip

There are many things to consider when buying CBD oil products. The manufacturer must be reliable and guarantee quality by having a certificate as in the case of princeandflower.com. Also, you need to consider several factors and ask many questions to make sure you avoid the risk of punishment and danger.

Check that all laboratory analyzes have been performed, which confirm the purity. Then examine whether the whole plant was used in the process or not, whether the main ingredient is industrial hemp or flower strains. All this will give you the answer to the question of whether the oil is safe and ready to use.

Reliable information is the key to safety, in this case, so make sure you get it before you go on a trip so you can enjoy it without worries.