Here are endless benefits and advantages in taking CBD, but there are also some side effects of it. Although side effects can vary and might depend on how much you take, it will still do you right if you know what these are before taking this substance for the first time.
Cannabidiol has taken off in the world of health and wellness. A lot of people have sworn its many benefits especially in providing relief for people with various sickness and conditions.

According to Natalie at the, however, like most supplements, it can also have some side effects. Although these negative effects are not life-threatening and extremely dangerous, it still happens.

Side Effects of CBD


While a lot of studies have shown that it can be much safer to take this compared to other prescription drugs, it can still have some mild negative effects, especially for first-time users. Although they are generally minor, these side effects might still come through, especially when taken in larger doses than what you need or when taken with other prescriptions.

Here are some reactions and aside effects of cannabidiol you might experience.

1. Dizziness

Taking it, whether it’s in a capsule or oil form, can have very different effects to anybody. Some might experience negative reactions slightly after taking it while some might take a few minutes to experience them. Various elements come into play like your unique biochemistry, lifestyle, gender, and how much CBD you have taken.

When it is taken in smaller doses, it can provide an excellent stimulating effect. It will also help improve your focus and concentration as well as a sufficient uplift in your mood. However, when it is taken in large doses, especially if you are still new in taking this, it might cause some downside like drowsiness and dizziness. At high dosage, it can already induce effective sedative effects. When this happens, it would be ideal if you stay when you are and avoid driving or working on machinery.

2. Dry Mouth


Cannabidiol oil can come in various forms. It can be derived from either marijuana or hemp. And whatever the type of this product you are taking or from which plant it was obtained, all of them has a common side effect when used. Taking this prescription drug in any form will often lead to a dry mouth.

The cannabinoids that are present in any cannabis plant, which is also present in any CBD product, can cause to suppress saliva production. But, this isn’t an adverse effect when taking it. If this happens, you can quickly drink water or consume plenty of liquids. Taking water or any fluid before and after taking it will also help in preventing dehydration.

3. Diarrhea

Another side effect that you can experience if you take this substance, especially if your body is new to it, is diarrhea. This reaction is often caused, not by the CBD compound itself, but by the other ingredients that come with the cannabidiol oil you bought.

This product has extreme gastroprotective qualities, and it wouldn’t hurt your stomach. It is even beneficial in lowering your gastric acid levels and ultimately, speeding up your stomach’s regeneration process. However, other ingredients of CBD product might be the culprit. For example, the carrier oil that comes with the this oil product you bought might be MCT oil.

And, MCT oil is known to irritate the lining in your stomach, thus, causing diarrhea when taken in large doses. To avoid this side effect, you might want to choose a much tummy-friendly oil like those which uses emu oil or olive oil as the carrier oil.

4. Low Blood Pressure

Although smaller or mild doses of cannabidiol are okay, taking this oil in higher doses can cause to lower the blood pressure levels a little bit. A drop in blood pressure due to CBD can have symptoms like lightheadedness.

It can be a bit problematic for people who are already diagnosed with low blood pressure. It also gives the same issue for people who are already on medication to lower their blood pressure. Taking this with their prescription might cause their blood pressure to go too low than necessary.

If you have low blood pressure or is taking medication to lower your blood pressure, it would be ideal to consult your doctor first before you start taking this oil, to be safe.

Safety Concerns


When consumed right, this drug has limitless benefits. If you want to take advantage of the countless advantages of taking it, then you have to be smart in buying or using the product.

1. Quality Concerns

Over quantity, quality is what matters when it comes to using of this product. If you want to experience the best effects of it, then you have to get only the highest quality product there is. CBD has become popular, and with that, there are a lot of products you can find right now. But, not all of it will be effective. Poo-quality ones will be a waste of your money.

2. High Concentration and Strength

When taking this, it is essential to follow the best dosage for your needs. The dosage of this product is also a factor in the side effects you might experience.

3. Mixing CBD with Alcohol


Cannabidiol provides relaxing and sedating effects on the body, depending on how much you take. At the same time, alcohol can give the body the same relaxing effect and reduced inhibitions. When both are taken at the same time, they might amplify each other’s effects. When taken together, CBD and alcohol can create a massive shift in behavior and mood, which can also increase the risk of sleepiness as well as sedation.

4. Interactions with Other Drugs or Prescriptions

This prescription drug can have a lot of positive effects. However, you should be careful when taking it with other medications. They might amplify or eliminate each other’s effects on the body. Also, it can suppress the ability of the liver to process some drugs. When this happens, there can be a high level of substances from those drugs your body at a single time. Ultimately, you will experience some mild to adverse side effects.

Before taking this substance with other prescriptions, it will be smart to talk with your doctor first.
CBD oil has countless benefits for health and wellness. Studies have also shown that it’s safe to be consumed. However, it might have a few side effects when taken. Although these negative reactions are mild, side effects of it can still occur, and it’s best to know what you are getting into before using this product.