The production of cannabis is a process and not a very easy one. Cultivating cannabis require time and effort, money and knowledge to do it properly. After harvesting it, you need to start thinking about proper storage and what you can do to extend the shelf life of cannabis.

We are not saying this because you are producing cannabis. If you are reading this, you are most likely not a producer, but a consumer. Even so, as a consumer, you need to tell the difference between dispensaries that are reputable and do proper storage and the ones that are more dubious in their practices.

This will help you select the highest-quality cannabis. In this article we are going to talk about what you can do to increase the shelf life of cannabis with pre roll packaging as well as what some of the dispensaries are doing and what the proper storage of cannabis is in the first place.

Stay with us to learn more on this subject:

Pre-roll packaging can Increase shelf-life of cannabis

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One of the easiest ways that you can extend the life of marijuana that you plan to store is that you use pre-roll packages. These are pretty easy to use and there the so-called Doob Tube can be found at

It goes without saying that these aren’t expensive at all and they can help you in your cannabis storage. Of coruse, there are different types of pre-roll packages available and while you are there, you might as well check them out. Whatever your choice is, it is much better than to put the weed in a cabinet and let it stay there. It will dry out more quickly and lose the flavor it should have.

What are the other factors that affect marijuana shelf life?


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Speaking of extending the shelf-life of cannabis, light is definitely a factor that plays a major role. To be more precise, you need to store your weed in a place where there’s no light. The best way to do it is to get some sort of a container or pre-roll packaging as mentioned above and to put your weed in a cabinet somewhere in your home.

Make sure that the container is of the right size (it should be comfortably full). On the one hand, you don’t want to squeeze in the weed and ruin its texture, but you don’t want it to have too much room as well.

Why keeping marijuana in the dark matters? By exposing weed to the light for longer periods of time, it will dry out. Just like any other weed, if it stays on the sun for too long, it will get the brown color, at which point you might as well throw it in the trash.

It is the UV rays that damage the plant, which is why it is essential to keep it safe and stored in the dark.


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Unsurprisingly, humidity is also a very important factor. The container that you select needs to have the relative humidity between 59 and 63 percent. This is the ideal number, but if it is slightly above or below the percentage level indicated, you can still rest assured that your weed will retain its flavor and aroma.

Having said that, kitchen cabinets or a bedroom drawer stand out as the best candidates to store your weed. You don’t want to keep it in the bathroom or somewhere near the heating device where humidity levels are disrupted.



Last but not least, oxygen level is something that you must consider as well. At this point, you have dried marijuana that you need to preserve and you don’t want to expose it to too much oxygen. This can only break down the plant quickly.

In other words, you don’t want to keep your marijuana out in the open. Find a storage container that has a proper seal. Ideally, you’d vacuum it, however, considering some other factors that we’ve mentioned before, this might not sounds as ideal as you’d think. The weed can be squeezed and destroyed this way.

What we suggest is that you don’t worry too much about it. Just find something that does not allow oxygen inside to flow, and place it in a dark cool spot that you can access easily.

Look for Stores that Do This

These are all the things you can do when you want to increase the shelf-life of marijuana. The simple solution is pre-roll packaging, or finding a container and keeping your weed in a dark spot with enough humidity for it to preserve its flavor.

But what if the dispensaries don’t keep the weed stored properly? We will help you how to select the right store and supplier, by asking simple questions.

Ordering Weed Online vs Going Out to Get It

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There are two ways in which you can order weed. A lot of dispensaries have online stores where you can shop and they will deliver it to you home. While that’s convenient, you don’t have a chance to talk to the seller about how they store their weed, where do they get it from and how it is produced.

So you might get something that will disappoint you. The easy way to solve this concern is to ask question. Usually, stores will put out a way to contact them – whether through emails or phones, and you can ask about what they do to extend the shelf-life of their plants.

Gong to a store is a different experience. You can actually see how weed is stored and you can have a little conversation with the seller about what’s just in, what they suggest you can try etc.

This makes the buying process easier and you can learn about what certain sellers do regarding storage and shelf-life.

Hopefully, you find this article helpful. Now you know what to pay attention to when storing your weed as well as how to find stores that are reputable and have the best practices.