It’s tough not to get overwhelmed by what’s happening in the world. The news, social media, and just thinking about the future can be enough to bring about stress and anxiety.

However, it doesn’t have to be that way. By finding some time for yourself to focus on your emotional needs and well-being, you can bring the stress under control.

Space, where you can unwind and not think about the current crisis, will take some time to set it up, and we’re here to help you with that! In this article, we will discuss a few ways you can stay well both physically and emotionally, during stressful times:

Self-Care First

Supporting your well-being is vital when it comes to dealing with stress. Whether you’re making decisions, focusing your thoughts, or dealing with emotions, try to keep a positive mindset.

It’s not going to work right away, but by putting some effort into it daily and giving yourself a calm space, you can start to deal with stress more efficiently.

Here are a few ways you can get started:

Staying in Touch

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Thanks to the internet, you can now stay in touch with your loved ones through various platforms. Skype, Zoom, Facetime, Facebook, Instagram, etc. are just a few social media apps out of many.

Not only are they good for staying in touch, but you can share complimentary messages, inspiring art, music, and encouraging quotes to help others and yourself to stay positive.

Sending inspiration and receiving them goes a long way. You can brighten up someone’s or your day just by doing the bare minimum.

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Making Decisions and Solving Problems

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The ability to make fast and efficient decisions when you are solving a problem can minimize and manage your stress and anxiety levels. The less time you worry about the problem the better.

Often, when we are unable to decide, we get stressed out and suffer from anxiety. Studies show that daily meditations can help to get your stress levels under control.

Countless mindful and well-being apps can help you to meditate daily and focus on your well-being. They can encourage you to be in a positive state of mind.

If you’re in a calm state of mind and in control of your emotions, you’ll be able to make decisions on the go and reduce the amount of stress you’d otherwise feel.

Develop a Routine

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Possibly the best way to deal with stress or anxiety is to have a routine or structure. Start by setting small, realistic goals you can achieve throughout the day.

Our schedules are a bit different than how they used to be before, but even so, having a routine at home will help you to keep your mind off of the stress.

Writing down positive statements can help you to gain some encouragement as well. Use sticky notes to stick them in places where you’ll be around the most. These little notes will give you the boost to keep going and achieve your goals.

Strategies and a Plan of Action

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Figuring out the strategies and coping mechanisms that help you to stay calm and grounded is key. For many, yoga and daily exercising helps them to deal with their stress.

For others, it could be as simple as reading a book, painting or drawing, listening to music or a podcast, watching a movie, or just sitting by yourself, and taking a few minutes to breathe might get the job done.

When you’ve identified the coping mechanisms that work for you, include them in your routine. You can take a step back and use one of the strategies to help calm yourself down.

Focusing on Self-Care in Self-Isolation

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Whether you live alone or with your family, it’s easy to feel anxious and stressed out during self-isolation. Now is as great a time as any to focus on yourself and your self-care. Here are a few ways you can do that:

Your Physical Well-being

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Losing track of time and having no routine can make things chaotic very quickly. It’ll be tough to get it under control, but it’s not impossible.

A Proper Sleeping Routine

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Start by getting your sleeping cycle under control. Create a routine that you’ll follow every day, starting from when you go to bed, and when you’ll be waking up.

Keep your phone away or turn it off and avoid screens before you get in bed.

Try not to bring any of your work into your nighttime routine and also your morning routine. Clear away all your work at least an hour before bedtime. Your bedroom should be all about relaxing.

Play soothing music or sounds if you’re having trouble sleeping. For some, ASMR and podcasts do the trick. You can also try to clear your mind, meditate, and do some breathing exercises to help you sleep better.

Physical Activity

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This would be a great time to reduce your caffeine intake as well. Do some workouts for 15-30 minutes, take a walk, or just dance to cool yourself off.

Get yourself a yoga mat. You can find many videos about yoga positions that help to relieve stress and anxiety online. It’s unnecessary to go to a fitness center when you have the internet, so why not make the most of it?

Change Your Surrounding

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You’ll be amazed at how changing your surroundings can impact your stress and mood throughout the day.

Reorganize your closet, desk, drawers, or furniture to create a more comforting environment for yourself. Get yourself a nice pillow or a scented candle that’ll help you to feel relaxed and calm.

Always remember to keep your workspace separate from your relaxing space. Declutter your desk and organize your files, papers, and books to give your workspace a more professional setting.

You can also personalize your space by putting up photos, posters, memories, or images that make you feel happy.

Engaging in Activities

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Since this pandemic has started, many people have picked up activities they’ve never had the time for before, like, painting, cooking, or staying fit.

These activities don’t necessarily have to be complex activities that require a lot of skills. You can do smaller things like giving yourself a nice bath and having a (much needed) skincare routine. Apply some face mask and have a drink while you wait for it to set.

You can also look up a recipe and cook something new and learn more about eating healthily.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, we’d like to say that everyone deals with stress and anxiety in their ways. Finding what works for us and keeping at it is what’s important.

So, remember to have a routine and plenty of time for your well-being!