Those who have pets know that they are our best friends. Precisely because of this and for many other reasons, owners very often worry about the health of their pets, who sometimes spend less time with us than we would like. Recent research shows that CBD can help our pets overcome some unpleasant conditions such as pain, nervousness, or severe illnesses in the terminal stages.

To support veterinary treatment or improve the overall quality of life of our brave friends, you can try to use CBD hemp oil as a dietary supplement, eventually as a remedy. So, how does CBD help our pets and what are its benefits? You can find out more information here and we’ll try to explain it in the text in front of you.

What Are The Positive Effects Of CBD On Pets?

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The information we have so far show that CBD can provide very positive treatment for a wide range of ailments and diseases. Preliminary test results and a large number of positive user testimonials – suggest that CBD has a positive effect in the treatment of many of the following diseases and ailments. Visit to know more.

You can use it in the treatment of allergies, fears, and anxiety – as well as the loss of appetite, arthritis, cancers, and tumors. It is well-known in helping with chronic pain, digestive problems, hip dysplasia, intestinal inflammation, redness, irritations, etc. It is also confirmed to have a positive effect on joint and mobility problems as well as skin problems – and at the same time, it promotes hair growth.

One of the reasons why pet owners use it to treat their animals is the fact that CBD is a completely natural product, which is why it is preferred in long-term use over synthetic drugs.

View On Some Of The Particular Benefits

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A lot of pet owners are beginning to use CBD oil and they are making claims that it has produced noticeable improvements to their pet’s health. Below, we will be going over some of the improvements it has made.

1. Reduction In Anxiety and Stress

For one, some pet owners have noticed that their dogs have experienced less stress and anxiety, which can help dogs that suffer from separation anxiety and those that may be terrified of loud noises from thunderstorms or even fireworks.

2. Epilepsy and Seizures

Believe it or not, but a lot of pets actually suffer from various disorders, including epilepsy. If owners do not pay close attention to their pets that suffer from this disorder, it can prove to be fatal. By using CBD oil for dogs and cats, like that offered by Holistapet, owners can rest easier knowing that they can better control and reduce the severity of the seizures.

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3. Reduction In Pain

A lot of pets suffer from all kinds of joint discomfort, nerve damage, or other related things that can cause chronic pain. By using CBD, the pain stemming from these things can be greatly reduced. Arthritis is a condition that a lot of dogs suffer from and it can be better controlled through CBD supplementation by altering the pain receptors. In the efforts to help your dog, you can visit and find out the best solution for your pet.

4. Cancer Symptoms

CBD offers a lot of health benefits and one of them is being able to improve the body’s immune system. Because of this, it has been discovered that CBD can actually fight against cancer. However, what there has been more research showcasing is CBD’s ability to ward off symptoms of cancer.

5. Inflammatory Diseases

CBD is well-known to be one of the best anti-inflammatory supplements you can take nowadays. Because dogs and cats suffer from inflammatory diseases like humans, it can be a major reason to consider giving them CBD. They suffer from inflammation due to a variety of things including lifestyle factors, diet, and more. CBD has been shown to be effective at helping curb allergies and deal with chronic inflammation.

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6. Health Of Nervous System

As pets continue to grow older, they may suffer from serious nerve damage in the form of myopathy. CBD is something that has shown the ability to help minimize the rate at which cells die off in the body.

7. Boost Appetite

From time to time, you might notice that your dog or cat is refusing to eat. Whether they are experiencing nausea from a specific issue or they are simply suffering from the discomfort that is causing them to avoid eating, CBD oil can be an effective supplement to help boost their appetites and get them back on a normal feeding schedule.

8. Antiemetic

A lot of pets suffer from a weak stomach. This can be a direct result of having an illness or another reason. While there are different medicines that can remedy this, CBD oil is a natural one that works just as well. It works by directly interacting with serotonin, which can cause the body to be much less reactive to the sensation that can minimize the pain associated with vomiting.

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Dosing For Pets

When we talk about the use of CBD in the treatment of our pets – dosing is a very important item. Most pet owners wonder if CBD has any side effects for their pets. We must emphasize the dosage in the use of CBD in dogs and cats.

It is important that the dose is appropriate, and the chances of side effects are almost impossible. CBD oil can be added to your pet’s meal. If you decide to give your pet CBD – the most important thing is to start with the lowest dose, which is usually and approximately about 0.025 mg per kilogram of body weight. When your pet gets used to the dose or responds well – after a while, you can switch to slightly increased doses on the advice of your veterinarian.

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Unfortunately, CBD is still a novelty in veterinary treatment – so you will not always get it as a recommendation from your Vet. Very often, just like in humans – the reason is the mere ignorance of this method of treatment. CBD oil can be found in only a few pharmacies and online stores. But it is slowly spreading to markets and its application is becoming more and more every day.