Marijuana and CBD oil are the terms that are mentioned more and more in the scientific circles as well as among the common population. The fact that many patients with chronic illnesses started using marijuana was a surprise to the people around the world since it was always considered a drug that only has negative effects. However, the main issue with its usage was THC, the psychoactive substance that causes users to start looking at the world completely differently while the effect of marijuana is strong.

The general opinion on marijuana is that those who enjoy cannabis are partaking in relatively soft drug use. This view has been further supported by the fact that marijuana usage is so common across much of the Western world. Smoking marijuana alters the way users perceive reality and it is highly addictive. Getting “high” can be an enjoyable experience for a while, but after some time, it can cause various health issues. This is the reason why people want to kick this addiction only to realize that this is not an easy endeavor.

With the goal to use all the benefits, but don’t get high, scientists started working on producing oil that contains all the beneficial benefits of marijuana, but without that addictive factor. This is why many people around the world started looking into it and popularizing its use. Now we have a range of products that contain it and can help in numerous ways.

Even though you may have heard that the recovery from using marijuana is simple and easy, science simply doesn’t agree with this view. One study says that one in 10 marijuana users who attempt to quit, experience anxiety, and insomnia. Some of these users go on to experience serious withdrawal issues, such as psychosis.

But could CBD products be the answer?

Why CBD Could Be the Answer


Marijuana addiction is not something that should be taken lightly. Like any addiction, attempting to beat it can lead to the body rebelling. This comes in the form of withdrawal symptoms such as reduced appetite, extreme irritability, headaches, sweating, mood swings, stomach problems, and even depression. When the body gets used to certain chemicals, it is really hard to simply get reset.

Lately, CBD is described as one of the ways to combat these symptoms. This may sound strange at first because most people are not informed well enough about its structure, but when you start looking into it more, it completely has sense. Despite the fact that CBD is a compound derived from marijuana, this is not something that can make you high due to the absence of any THC. However, CBD oil can help the person cope with depression, anxiety, and mood swings. It can simply help the nervous system deal with this sudden change in functioning. Considering that it has similar compounds, it can trick the nervous system and soothe its response. Besides, CBD is also known for helping deal with pain and can improve the response of the immune system. All of these effects combined can help a person to deal with all the symptoms that can be felt during the withdrawal period.

Research into CBD indicates regular use can tackle the side effects of quitting marijuana. Pure premium CBD oil, like this product offers a Full Spectrum oil to those with withdrawal issues, without any impurities like Chlorophyll. This helps former marijuana addicts to cope with their withdrawal symptoms as well as the psychosis that heavy Marijuana users can experience.

What Does the Science Say About CBD Oil?


Passionate CBD supporters would admit that there’s not enough research on the long-term effects of CBD on the body. We don’t fully understand why CBD works in the way it does, only that it has a positive impact on the majority of people who use it on a semi-regular and regular basis. More research is required to better understand how CBD oil can be used to treat marijuana withdrawal symptoms, but the experiences of people who have used it during their recovery period are positive and this is sufficient for this initial period until more information becomes available.

Much of the focus has been on the therapeutic benefits of CBD. The movement in the UK is relatively new, but in the US millions of Americans now use CBD products to improve their physical and mental well-being. This research has aided scientists in understanding how CBD can be used to treat drug withdrawal symptoms.

Is CBD Beneficial for Tackling the More Serious Side Effects of Quitting Marijuana?


Psychosis is perhaps the most serious side effect of marijuana withdrawal. This phenomenon is mentioned in several sources and it is simply not something that can be overlooked. However, it heavily depends on the usage and the frequency of using marijuana. Thankfully, this is a relatively rare withdrawal symptom in the majority of otherwise healthy people.

The studies into CBD products and psychosis are mixed. One study treated a female patient with CBD on a daily basis for four weeks. The study noted an improvement in the symptoms of psychosis. CBD has a direct impact on the nervous system by activating the receptor responsible for serotonin, which is known as a happy chemical. This is why it helps the patients fight off negative feelings, the reason why scientists have been so interested in how CBD products can potentially treat serious mental health problems, such as psychosis. Results have been mixed, as already mentioned, but the scientific community is steadily making progress. Considering that the use of CBD is slowly increasing, more and more studies are done and the results are shared with the public.

Last Word – The Evidence is Clear


Although more research is needed to acquire a better understanding of CBD and its physical/mental effects on the body, research so far is extremely positive. This is really good news, especially for the people who simply can’t deal with the withdrawal symptoms without some help.

With so many benefits provided by CBD products, many scientists are already calling for it to be used for clinical drug treatment. It may be many years before we see this adopted widely, but we can already see a clear trend. It is also worth looking at whether the purer, more Golden, Full Spectrum CBD oils, offer more for such tests. One thing is for sure – we will be witnesses of the popularizing of the CBD oil in the near future.

Do you believe CBD can be beneficial for treating the withdrawal symptoms of marijuana addiction?