The gaining popularity of CBD leads to new ways to take it. Many people are probably aware that you can take cannabis as a tincture or as a topical cream but smoking raw hemp is now rising in demand. Here are five tips for smoking it.

Tip 1: Smoking hemp is one of the fastest ways to take cannabidiol

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Smoking hemp has been proven to deliver cannabidiol to your system faster than the other methods currently available. You are bypassing your digestion system typically used by tinctures or capsules. Your lungs contain thousands of blood vessels, these blood vessels can quickly absorb the CBD through the cigarettes or prerolls. So if you are looking for fast and quick relief, smoking is your best option.

Tip 2: Go for higher strains of CBD

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Not all cannabidiol is made the same. The hemp plant contains a variety of different materials such as flower, leaf, trim, and stalk. The amount of cannabidiol in each part varies. The highest concentration of it is primary in the flower (or bud). But keep in mind that the flower is the most expensive part. Products with 100% flower do go for a premium price compared to the other parts of the hemp plant. Avoid strains that contain high amounts of seeds and stems. Smoking seeds and stems can cause it to be very harsh.

Tip 3: Look for other cannabinoids besides CBD

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While cannabis is popular, there are a host of other cannabinoids that can help with relief. Some vendors such as Hemp86 users a variety of different cannabinoids for an effective cigarette. When different cannabinoids are combined, it provides a more effective solution compared to CBD alone. CBN, CBG, and CBC are slowly gaining traction. Professionals from suggest being sure you look for these different cannabinoids when you buy cigarettes.

Tip 4: Vaping Full Spectrum CBD vs CBD Isolate

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Vape juices come in all types of strength and type. Make sure you do your research before you purchase your first vape juice. There are two main types of vape juice. Full Spectrum and Isolate. Full Spectrum contains a variety of different cannabinoids and terpenes. It also contains trace amounts of THC. The legal limit set by the farm bill is less than 0.3% THC. CBD Isolates contain 99% CBD and vape juice. Even though Full Spectrum is more effective, some people are cautious to use this because it can show up on a drug report.

Tip 5: Smoking without a filter

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Long ago in a universe that had ancient laws, the smoking of marijuana was illegal. People who were part-taking to this was generally rolling up weed in a joint or a using a bong. This was one of the optimal ways to smoke it. Some of the newer products on the market such as a preroll or cigarette now contain a filter. Filters filter out some of the good stuff which reduces the potency of the product. But filters allow for a smoother smoke.

We hope you enjoyed these tips.