The most common and most popular pets have always been the dog and the cat. Their number, as individuals living in houses and closest to people, has jumped enormously in recent decades. The reasons for such a thing are many.

People are more and more alienated and lonely, they work a lot and have less and less time. It is difficult for them to establish mutual relations, and sometimes their pets are the only opportunity for them to receive love and warmth, and to provide it. Also, families take dogs and cats to make their children happy, give them playmates, and teach them responsibility and caring for another being.

The increase in the number of pets has also resulted in the development of all possible activities dealing with animals. Nutrition, medical treatments, medicines, vitamins, care (brushes, shampoos, soaps, toothpastes ..), then accessories in the form of beds, belts, necklaces, wardrobes, various toys… All this tells us that animals, nowadays, have the same treatment as humans.

Dogs, which are the number one favorite cat in the world with cats, often share with people various health problems. Although there are specialized drugs designed just for them, some treatments, such as CBD, can be applied to them and thus alleviate the symptoms of various conditions and diseases.

What is CBD?


Lately, the topic of roads has been oil and CBD products. There is certainly a reason for that. Until recently, it was unthinkable to talk publicly about cannabis and its effects. It was understood that it had a detrimental effect and was considered only a vice. However, it has been proven to have a beneficial effect on many diseases and pathological conditions of the body and psyche. There has been a lot of discussion about this topic, but the facts speak in favor of the medical use of CBD.

CBD has certain healing properties and with the right dosage can help with chronic joint pain, anxiety, relieves symptoms of malignant diseases, strengthens the whole body, hair, skin, nails…

Can CBD be given to dogs?

This topic has been completed and the conclusion is that CBD can be given to dogs without any problems. It can be given to healthy dogs as a dietary supplement, to strengthen and refresh the whole organism. There are specialized CBD oils, designed bass for dogs and cats, where the useful ingredients from industrial hemp are combined with other oils.

CBD benefits for your dog


Experience has shown that your dog will benefit a lot if you add CBD oil to it. Of course, dosing is crucial and here a consultation with a veterinarian is necessary. If you want to check specs of CBD dog treat you can find specs at to be sure you are going to give only the best to your dog.

1. Mobility and elasticity of joints

Dogs that are older and are already beginning to show signs of arthritis and degenerative changes in joints and cartilage will benefit greatly from CBD treatment. It will affect the recovery of articular bone structures and slow down their deterioration. Also, dogs that have had an injury, such as large and heavy dogs, with hip dysplasia and strain on all joints and spine, will certainly show progress in mobility and reduced difficulties. CBD treatment can improve the performance of competition show dogs or those participating in races, such as greyhounds, sledding (huskies), agility competitions…

2. Gastroenterological problem


CBD also has a significant positive effect on all types of gastrointestinal problems, which are common in dogs. Large breeds often have bloating that causes stomach torsion and emergency surgery. Dogs eat everything, in addition to regular food, they bite various things and this often causes nausea, diarrhea, bloating problems… Giving CBD oil will significantly ease and help them if such situations occur. Of course, it is always important to check that there is no obstruction of the intestinal tract, because then surgery is inevitable.

3. Influence on behavior

There are always dogs of an awkward nature. When you take rocks, as with man, you cannot know what nature he will have when he grows up. They can be aggressive, hyperactive, lethargic, destructive… CBD oil or some of the products can act on this aspect in a constructive way. To some extent, they can alleviate unwanted traits, and sometimes even annul them completely.

4. Anxiety


One of the biggest benefits of CBD oil is the mental stability of your pet. Constant barking, insecurity, timidity, hiding, psychogenic hair loss… all these are symptoms of an anxious dog and lack of mental balance. Of course, one should make an effort and discover the cause of such behavior, an irritating factor that may be present. It will certainly be useful to give him CBD oil, because it will have a calming effect on his receptors. Relaxation will occur and allow the dog, over time, to begin to function differently.

5. Regular dietary supplement

This is recommended due to the dog’s general immunity, vitality, fur beauty, tooth strength, bones and claws. It also has an effect on appetite suppression and raising all life functions. With proper nutrition and CBD oil, your dog will be the epitome of health and joy of life.

How often can CBD products be given to a dog?


First and foremost, the dosage and frequency of administration of these preparations may be determined exclusively by a veterinarian. He will take into account the breed, size and weight of the dog, his disorder, illness or just the need for prophylaxis. CBD products are not for self-initiated administration or experimentation. They can cause damage, as can any medicine or adjuvant, if not used properly.

Some conditions, such as malignancies, require application twice a day, but also with the recommendation of an expert. It should be borne in mind that these ingredients are metabolized in the liver and that high and frequent doses can damage this vital organ. Also, overdoses affect the mental state of the dog and therefore would be a big risk with significant consequences if you irresponsibly approach the use of CBD products.

It should also be taken into account that minimal doses are given initially, depending on the severity, and the dose may be increased later. In general, the chances of organ damage are low (which is not the case with many drugs), but certain symptoms may indicate an overdose. These are tremor, diarrhea, anxiety, low blood sugar, dry mouth. To avoid turning your good intentions into a health complication for your precious pet, be sure to follow the veterinarian’s instructions.


There is no doubt that responsibility is very common among today’s dog owners. They become amazing connoisseurs of everything that concerns their faithful friends. They follow the latest developments, consult with other owners, read about dog-related topics and get very detailed information. However, some things are in the domain of the profession and should be left to those who have been educated for it.

With all the basic things you will provide to your dog, supplements such as CBD oil can only help him as he goes through various states and stages in his life. His love for you and your family and the health that will accompany him, will be the greatest reward for you, as the owner and his friend.