Humans always had a fascination with things, which take them away from reality. Intellect has the capability to make a difference in a normal and heightened state of mind. Consumption of cannabis as a recreational substance has increased a lot. An increase in consumption gets related to a cultural impact, which causes a shift in mindset. Cannabis gets consumed in various ways that include a joint or bong. Cannabis concentrate gets taken in specialized bongs in the form of water vapor. On dab rigs are designed for taking concentrates, which are of various shapes and sizes.

6 Ways to Consume Cannabis Concentrate

A cannabis concentrate is extracted from the plant, which contains a higher amount of chemical from the plant. Cannabis plants usually have THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD ( Cannabidiol) chemicals. THC ranges from 10-30%, while in concentrates, it’s between 60-99%. People consume each substance in a different way based on their personal preferences.

1. Dabbing


Marijuana plant extracts get taken in different ways. Resins or rosins made from the plant are then taken by this tool. Parts include a carb cap, the dab rig, and a few grams of the substance. It requires very little amount of the extract due to the presence of a high amount of THC when burnt. The process is quite simple, where the rig gets placed with the amount of resin required and then burnt. This burning starts collecting the vapor, which is then inhaled. The effect stays for a long time due to the high potency of the material in use.

2. Smoking

The marijuana plant has different parts, which get used in different forms. Various forms of the plant are for people to have in different ways. Some prefer to take a drag, while others like to vape. Different methods need the substance to have variety in the type of material used based on how it gets consumed.

Traditional bongs have various types based on the material used. But, if it is in the form of wax or crumbled solid resin, it is better to use it with the cannabis flower. Joints get rolled, and a certain amount gets spread in equal amounts throughout the reefer. One can lace a pre-rolled joint in cannabis oil and add a tiny bit of kief to make it more potent and a lasting high.

3. Taking vape


Traditional methods need some prerequisites related to a set of tools and a kit for smoking. This process is already described in the previous segments. But, while it is a useful way, the lack of portability makes it quite inconvenient. Here comes the use of devices that are easy to handle and portable. Vaping devices are similar to dabbing concentrates.

Here, an amount of marijuana extract gets inserted into the chamber and is easy to consume on the go. Vaping machines are the go-to choice for people that like to consume a certain amount of cannabis. The reason why it is so popular comes down to the fact that it is quite easy to use and doesn’t leave much residue.

4. Edibles

People have varied opinions related to the consumption of marijuana. Some say it is a gateway drug, which leads to other hard forms of substance abuse. Consumers using recreational marijuana have a different opinion. The use of cannabis is sweeping into the mainstream due to its medicinal applications. Here, it is important to note that most people do not consume cannabis plant products or extracts due to smoke inhalation. The importance of edibles comes here. Edibles are substances that contain cannabis extracts mixed with food. This process of consuming cannabis is a recent phenomenon.

Edible consumption is different from smoking direct extract. The edibles get infused with distillate, which is a form of cannabis oil. The amount of distillate in use has varying functions associated with the type of product made. The reason why some prefer it over other forms is the discreet nature of the product and no smell. People with long-term medical conditions prefer this over other forms of cannabis plant extract.

5. Topicals


The medicinal use of a product is necessary for different reasons. In general, the consumption of marijuana-infused substance provides a heightened state of mind. People consuming it for medicinal benefits might not find the idea of getting high interest to them. Here, pure distillates and topicals made from the plant come into play. Topicals do not get infused into the bloodstream, and thus the effect of high is not felt even after consumption. Factors starting from chronic pain to inflammation and in the research phase show positive effects for Alzheimer’s patients.

Topicals get categorized into two different sections. The cannabis oil distillate in its purest form does not mix with the bloodstream. But, transdermal topicals, which get created by mixing concentrated amounts of a cannabis extract, provide a long-lasting high.

6. Capsules

Ease of use is the most important factor for people who like to consume cannabis products. There are ample methods for having the plant in various processes. The use of a tincture or capsule made with a concentrated amount of cannabis oil is by far the most convenient method. The user needs to keep the capsule in their mouth for a certain period of time, ranging from 4 to 8 minutes. After the capsule infuses, the effect starts in a gradual process. The estimation is that it stays around 8 hours due to the potent materials used in the making process.


The long-lasting debate related to consuming marijuana will be present due to the lack of proper research on the material. But, people like to consume such substances for recreational purposes. Convenience in using varies, depending on the preferences of an individual. The material gets vaped, smoked, or eaten depending on the ways to consume it.

Burning of a substance produces carbon monoxide, but other than that, reported hazards of weed consumption are unheard of. It gets speculated by experts that consuming cannabis after a certain age for recreation does not have adverse effects in the long run. The most important thing is to spread awareness and get high in a responsible way.