Terpenes occur naturally in most plants and insects. The presence of terpenes in a plant or insect serves as a defense mechanism to keep off predators but attract pollinators. If you have already heard the mention of cannabis in the discussion around terpenes, it is because of the high levels of terpenes the plant contains. Fragrances and aromas that are extracted from plants as essential oils are the best examples of terpenes. Obviously, the more fruit, herb or spice, the higher the levels of terpenes it contains. 

Did you know that terpenes have a long list of benefits that promote health and wellness? That is the reason you will experience an uplifting effect after smelling a lemon rind or walking past a pine tree. Lavender too, has a relaxing effect obtained when one inhales the terpenes known as linalool. The reason for the long-standing debate about the adoption of cannabis for medical purposes lies in the fact that this crop contains extremely high levels of thousands of terpenes in its bud. 

source: cannadigger.com

Terpenes have been blended to create products that not only restore but also enhance the body’s natural systems. Some of the areas where terpenes have been proven to work are; 

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-depressant
  • Antibacterial
  • Sedating effects

Specific uses for various terpenes

Ever been curious as to how different brands have thousands of perfume scents? The level of purity of specific terpenes determines the intensity of an aroma. The secret to building a designer perfume brand is to tap into the exact potency. 

From the hundreds of various terpenes profiles, here is a breakdown of the benefits for some:

  1. Linalool – bears a sweet, floral and citrus scent. Often used to cure alleviate pain, it causes relaxation and relief from anxiety. 
  2. Limonene – bears a lemon/orange citrus scent. Used as a mood stabilizer, it often results in enhanced moods, relief from depression, reduced anxiety and cure for nausea. 
  3. A-Pinene – bears a scent that echoes the outdoors (fresh pinewood). Many people will use it to boost energy but the benefits will include enhanced memory and improved concentration. 
  4. Myrcene – bears a mild herbal, citrus musk scent. It is used to induce sleep and as a result, leads to pain relief and relaxation of muscles. 
  5. Caryophyllene – bears a spicy, pepper or wood scent. It is a pain reliever but anxiety and depression get cured of its use. 
  6. Humulene – bears a spicy, herbal, pepper or wood scent, reminiscent of the outdoors. A magic bullet for those looking to lose weight, it suppresses appetite and numbs the pain. 
source: cannabisnow.com

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