The cannabinoid market is growing each day. We see new products all over the place, and people are getting more and more attracted to cannabis products. The latest in line of products that are taking over the market is called Delta 8 THC. This is one of the most sought-after cannabis products, but it is also gaining some controversial reviews. It is no wonder that people have hundreds of questions to ask about this product.

What most users want to know is what is that feeling that it produces; what is the benefit and what are their downsides to the Delta 8 TC. We are here to try and provide an answer to this question, which probably won’t be as easy as one would have thought. This product hasn’t been around long enough to have a clear opinion, but we did some research, and below you’ll have our opinion. Keep reading and find out more about the side effect and benefits of Delta 8 THC. But, first of all, we’re going to talk a little bit about what’s exactly this type of cannabinoid.

Delta 8 THC: What is it?


As you already know, THC is that part of cannabis in charge of the physical effects cannabis has on our brains and bodies. Most of us got high on tetrahydrocannabinol at least once during our lifetimes. By now most people know about it. Those who dug a bit deeper know that one of the most common parts of THC is the famed Delta 9 THC. This brings us to the 8 versions. The difference between the two is that the 9 version is a natural version of THC. On the other hand, Delta THC 8 is not found as a natural part of cannabis. Hemp plants that produce CBD are in charge of creating it. Because it comes from hemp plants Farm Bill has few issues with it, but the negative campaign has gained traction and many states are putting a ban on it. While things are like this, so far there’s no official ruling on this variation by the FDA. Furthermore, not even DEA listed it under their Controlled Substances Act. Now that you know this, it is time to move on and talk a bit about the benefit and side effects of this substance. If you are already a user, you might want to check some facts about it by visiting



Of course, when merchandise is hot on the market you want to try it. We, humans, are curious beings, so many of us sometimes want to know how something feels without trying it out. This is why people ask questions about Delta 8 THC without trying it. Luckily you have us to answer the questions. If you opt to consume this product there are many new ways you’re going to feel. But, deep inside it is quite similar to some other products you might have tried out. One of the best effects is that it will clear your mind instead of blurring it. It is unbelievable to claim this, but consuming this cannabis product is quite an eye-opening experience as it will improve your focus and also do wonders for your concentration. Furthermore, after consuming it, you’ll be calm and collected with periods of ultimate calmness while feeling comfortable in your skin and head. Also, if you’re having issues with your appetite it’s about to change after you consume Delta 8 THC.

Most people who already tried it claim that it provides a great experience. It is described as bringing peace, and much relief to the consumers. Delta 8 THC is blessed with the ability to make people feel like they’re in a space with the amount of gravity it takes from people. Of course, not all people react the same way. Some people feel these effects a little bit, some at their fullest. Another user reported that it made no difference for them, but they’re rare. In the end, it all comes down to the quality of the product. If you buy cheap stuff most of the benefits will be nowhere to be found. This is why you need to always buy top-notch merchandise to experience the sensation of this popular product to its fullest.

Side Effects


The worst part about it is that it is not fully tested yet. Yes, people use it all over the states, but there was no testing on the wider population, and because of this we’re not aware of all the bad effects it might have. In the long run usage, we know very little. So far we know that it can cause mild speech impairments, while its high can make some people confused with their thoughts. Also, if you consume it all the time, it can cause CHS, which translates to vomiting and nausea.

Most of the side effects of Delta 8 THC could be associated with any type of cannabis. If you consume it often you’ll, without a doubt, experience a sour mouth and red eyes. This is just for starters. Furthermore, your coordination might suffer, while your high rate will go up like never before. Most people start moving slower when they take this substance which is a good thing considering that their coordination won’t be top-notch when the effects of Delta 8 THC. Some people reported that they feel anxious upon consuming it while for some it resulted in memory loss which is typical for any opiates.

While these are all well-known side effects of opiates, with this variation things get a bit worse. For one, it is deemed as a synthetic product of CBD, and because of this, we do not yet know all of the side effects it might have. Some researchers even claim that Delta 8 THC rarely comes on its own, isolated, but that it often comes paired with the 9 versions but also with the Delta 10 THC. The latter is the least known component of cannabis and more research is needed to learn about it. While the side effects probably won’t go further than we already know, you never know with synthetic products.

According to¬†CBDOracle, a site that reviews delta-8 products, many hemp-derived delta-8 THC products on the market lack a credible lab report which makes it difficult to know exactly what you’re consuming. That’s why it’s important to buy from reputable vendors that publish a full panel COA for every product they sell.