The strain of Blueberry Kush is one of the strains that contain 100% Indica that is quite well known for offering a relaxing and sedating high feeling. It is considered as a certain hybrid of the OG Kush strains and Blueberry, and like its parents, it also has high contents of THC (average of 23% in this case).

Also, Blueberry Kush has got a delicious blueberry as well as an earthy flavor profile, which can easily impress you as well. From My Bud Place website, you can buy them online.

The Blueberry strain may taste very much the same as you would think, which is almost like any straight-up blueberries. Also, much more precisely, it will taste like juicy and ripe blueberries; hence it can be a great strain for you if you happen to be one having a sweet tooth.

Besides its delicious flavor, the Blueberry strain is known to offer to relax, and calming effects and also has the ability to help those with neuropathic pain.

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What a Blueberry Kush strain really is?

Those of you who have never tried any Blueberry Kush, then you are really missing out on something. This fruity flower usually stems from a certain hybrid of Blueberry and also the famous legend, which is known as OG Kush.

Almost like its parent strain, even Blueberry Kush can also produce a lot of high because there is a THC level, which will be in the range of 22 to 24%, and it is considered as a potent Indica and can serve as a fantastic strain for evening time or night time.

In case you are looking for any kind of strain that you are able to mellow out to, you can try this one. It is a deserving winner of the Cannabis Cup 2000 times, as it is really a legendary strain.

Flavor and appearance of Blueberry Kush Aroma

You will find the flavor and aroma of any Blueberry Kush very strong, and it will offer you a feel of any sweet and fruity berry, and that is what its name would also suggest. However, if you inspect it very closely, then you will find plenty of interesting tastes and smells going on here.

A certain fresh berry will boast of having an aroma upon its first look, and this will offer any one of those delicious smokes that can offer instant relaxation. However, immediately after lighting, you may get a hit with a very strong aroma of earth and herbs and a sweet and also tangy scent that will carry through to its flavor.

This bud will be coated in a certain sticky resin that is full of trichomes, offering it a white color appearance across its green leaves. It will grow to a certain medium height; however, this strain will not be very big enough in comparison with many other varieties of cannabis plants.

Blueberry is considered as an old type of strain that perhaps your father or even probably your grandfather and great grandfather must have smoked during their youth.

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Effects of blueberry strain

Initially, blueberry strain can give you the feeling of relaxation and this will hit you immediately. Because it is very quick to provide you with its reaction, you will also feel a little heavy, which will make you want to sit only before you fall over yourself. Therefore, it is preferably used to provide you with soothing calmness and a sense of serenity.

It will make you feel a bit sleepy, which does not mean that you will completely pass out in a moment. Apart from this, you need to ensure that you have prepared your food before consuming this strain because it hits so quickly that you won’t be able to get your munchies after having it.

When you have had a long and tiring day at work, blueberry strain is the best way to get some relaxation. It will provide you the right amount of calmness that will make you forget about all the troubles you are facing at present.

Adverse reactions of blueberry strain

If you are someone who has never used blueberry strain before, then it will be good for you to use it sparingly because newbies generally don’t have any idea about how the strain will affect them. When people consume it in high doses, then it causes dizziness, which can also lead to headache sometimes.

It is a powerful indica which can also leave you with a cotton mouth and dry eyes. Therefore, make sure that you keep yourself well-hydrated. Make sure to keep some water nearby whenever you are smoking blueberry strain.

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Medical benefits of using blueberry strain

Blueberry Cannabis Strain is one of the top therapeutic weed strains, and it has been utilized by patients for quite a long time. Indeed, even specialists recommend it to assist with physical and mental afflictions.

You will get a feeling of relaxation alongside a sensation of calmness inside your psyche and body while smoking. Individuals who work in an upsetting environment should smoke this strain themselves and perceive how much improvement occurs.

Also, Blueberry is incredible to assist with treating a sleeping disorder. This isn’t really on the grounds that it drives you to nod off, as some other solid indicas do, yet just in light of the fact that it smothers those pessimistic or unpleasant contemplations that regularly prevent individuals from sleeping.

Another condition that can be dealt with blueberry strain is general sensations of pain, particularly neuropathic torment. Because of the somewhat balmy and in general relaxing impacts of Blueberry, it is easy to help dispose of any sort of undesirable pains that are upsetting your day.

To Sum Up

Blueberry strain has been used by people for a very long time. It tastes like a juicy and ripe blueberry, just like its name suggests. It is a great indica for people who have a lot of work stress and want to get rid of it for sometime. However, you need to ensure that you do not consume it in high quantities as it can make you dizzy, which leads to headache.