If you still haven’t tried edibles, you are missing out. Whether you’re combining gummies with THC, coffee with CBD, or trying to come up with a new recipe of your own, edibles can be a ton of fun, and they come with several advantages over other consumption methods. Here are some of the reasons why people love using edibles, and why you should be excited about them too.

1. Edibles last longer

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In theory, if you want your THC or CBD to last as long as possible without the need for another dose, taking an edible is the most effective method in the market. That’s because once ingested, the cannabinoids found in the food need to be processed by the liver, which takes time. The result is that your digestion ends up working as a drip feed of cannabis goodness, constantly giving you another dose of whatever you just had.

This means that while the effects of vaping THC cartridges or placing CBD oil under your tongue usually wear off within 3 hours, edibles can last six hours or more. Especially if you are smart about how you take them.

The catch is that the bioavailability of edibles is low, and it fluctuates depending on a variety of digestive factors. This means that a) it’ll take a much bigger amount of THC or CBD to get your desired effect from an edible, at least when compared to other methods. And b) an edible can hit you much harder or weaker than usual depending on a variety of factors, most of which you can’t control.

These two factors are the reason why medical professionals don’t recommend edibles as delivery methods for cannabis products when using them as part of a structured treatment regimen. That said, this variation is less of a problem when taking edibles for fun among friends. Especially if you can dose again after you figure out how hard the last edible has hit you.

The duration of edibles also makes them an attractive solution for people looking to use cannabis byproducts to help them sleep. And that doesn’t work for just CBD and THC. Delta 8 for sleep can also be quite effective, as the Vida Optima website shows; and edibles can be made with Delta-8 THC as well.

2. Edibles are delicious

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CBD and THC chocolate bars can be made in a way that they taste just like regular chocolate, but that’s no fun. Arguably the most fun part of the edible market is the products that bake decarboxylated cannabis and other byproducts of the plant into the recipe of the edible in question, as that allows manufacturers to create unique flavors that are fun to explore.

This combination allows manufacturers to create unique flavors of cannabis chocolate, gummies, cake, lollipop, and more. There are even cannabis beers and coffee on the market. Plus, the edibles that contain actual parts of the plant will often be healthier, as, on top of having fun cannabinoids, the cannabis plant is also a leafy green. And it comes packed with all the healthy nutrients one would expect from a plant in that category.

If you are into cooking, you can also have fun experimenting with different combinations of cannabis products. Add THC tincture to your coffee, mix CBD oil with ice cream. There are even places that will spray pizzas with CBD or THC at their customer’s request, which can be a fun thing to try with friends.

3. Edibles are discreet

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The legalization movement has scored many wins in favor of cannabis and CBD over the last few years. But just because something has been made legal, that doesn’t mean people will accept it. There are still situations where you might get funny looks if people spot you smoking weed or placing CBD oil under your tongue. Luckily, edibles allow you to get your fix without ever having to draw attention to yourself.

That’s a property that is helped by the diversity of the edible market. The mainstream is generally aware that THC gummies are a thing, so an adult randomly carrying gummies may seem weird. But most people don’t know that THC lollipops, chocolate bars, and even jam are a thing. The latter means that you can make yourself a nice infused PB&J sandwich to enjoy at work, or your next annoying family reunion. And the same applies to CBD edibles.

Other good options for discreet use include infused coffee, sodas, sparkly water, gel capsules — they look like health supplements —, mints, gum, and more.

Of course, the main risk of stealthily carrying edibles around is that someone might want to get a piece of your snacks and end up getting dosed by accident. So be careful about leaving infused goods laying around.

4. Edibles are easy to use

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You can’t beat the speed and convenience of taking an edible, especially when compared with other methods. Take THC gummies as an example. It is trivially easy to pop a gummy while walking around town, taking public transport, or while doing something else like talking on the phone. Placing THC tinctures under your tongue or vaping THC cartridges, on the other hand, takes a lot more effort and commitment.

This difference isn’t a problem if you’re using cannabinoids for fun. But if you take CBD to manage your anxiety and want to make the process hassle-free, edibles are the best option, with pills and capsules coming in as a close second.

5. Edibles are easy to make

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Do you have some THC tincture, CBD oil, or maybe some cannabis or hemp plant? Then congratulations, you already have everything you need to turn most regular recipes into recipes for infused edibles. Making an edible at home is usually as simple as figuring out where in the recipe you’re making you can include drops of a tincture or ground-up hemp. And there are plenty of edible recipes online.

Making edibles isn’t just fun, it can also be a way to save money since edibles are often sold at a premium.