CBD, the Cannabidiol is the series of chemical compounds present in Cannabis which is from the species Cannabis sativa. Cannabis plant has two major chemical compounds, Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD).

These two compounds are responsible for most of the characteristics of Cannabis. THC is a psychoactive compound that is responsible for the hallucinogenic, mind-altering and other strange properties of Cannabis. Cannabidiol has a high therapeutic value according to research.

It is responsible for enhancing the medicinal value of Cannabis. It is then recommended to extract Cannabidiol from Cannabis and leave THC. Cannabidiol also contains some quantities of THC but low quantities. The experts have transformed the Cannabidiol into full Spectrum CBD oil.

The industrial use of Cannabis

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Cannabis plant is important from an industrial and medicinal point of view. There are a lot of uses of cannabis but its drug-like properties due to the presence of THC restricted the cultivation and growth of this plant in many regions of the world.

Its cultivation is continued but it cannot be cultivated freely on large levels, due to different rules and regulations. For industrial usage and medicinal benefits, Hemp is cultivated on large levels which are the derivative of Cannabis sativa. The difference between cannabis and hemp is of quantities of Cannabidiol and THC.

Cannabis contains high levels of THC as compared to Cannabidiol while Hemp contains a higher amount of Cannabidiol and low amounts of THC. It is the reason that Hemp is legal for cultivation, buying and selling while cannabis itself is illegal. There are many uses of Hemp from an industrial point of view.

It is a great source of Fiber as well as organic matter. Its compounds and extracted oils are used in many different industrial and pharmaceutical products. The most important chemical compound, Cannabidiol which is commonly known as CBD is of great medicinal value.

CBD oil

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CBD oil is prepared by the extraction of Cannabidiol from Hemp. The Cannabidiol compound is extracted from the Hemp plant with very less amounts of THC, and Hemp oil is also extracted from the Hemp plant.

The extracted Cannabidiol is diluted into Hemp oil or coconut oil. This diluted product is called CBD oil and it has high therapeutic value. It is specifically important to treat many mental illnesses. Researchers now have different evidences and proofs to tell about the medicinal value of CBD oil. Thousands of people use CBD oil for the treatment of their problems like anxiety and depression. It is also known as a good pain reliever.

It has healing properties and therefore it is used as a pain reliever in case of severe pains. The mental and physical problems which can be treated by CBD oil usage include:

– Depression
– Anxiety
– Epilepsy
– Muscle Spasms
– Chronic Diarrhea
– Parkinson disease
– Quitting smoking
– Severe pain etc.

CBD oil is also effective to relieve from symptoms caused by cancer treatments like chemotherapy. Cancer patients use CBD to relieve their pain. It is also used to treat severe mental disorders and also used to treat muscle cramps and muscle spasms.

Side effects

There are many reported side effects of Cannabis as it contains psychoactive compound THC while there are very less side effects of CBD oil reported. Some reported minor side effects of CBD oil are dizziness, drowsiness, nausea, etc but only in rare cases. Pregnant women should also avoid the use of CBD oil without the doctor’s permission.

The CBD oil in France

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In France, Hemp is allowed due to its many industrial uses while CBD oil is banned since 2018 due to some traces of THC. We can say that there is some ambiguity in the legality or illegality of CBD oil in France.

There are strict rules about the use of CBD oil in France. The legality or illegality depends upon the quantities of THC. If the THC levels are low, very low, then it is allowed otherwise it is not allowed. So, there are different rules and regulations, somehow isolated ones, about the legality of CBD oil in France.

Many people are in the need of using CBD oil France as it is one of the good treatments of many mental and physical disorders. By keeping in view, the demand for CBD oil, CBD oil is allowed with some conditions. Like, there must be very low levels of THC in CBD oil.

Full-Spectrum CBD oil

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The Full-spectrum CBD oil with 20% pure CBD extract is available and allowed in France. Dr. Hemp presents the best and legal product with a lot of benefits. The full-Spectrum CBD oil has only 0.1% of THC which makes it legal in France. This oil is to be used under tongue and then you can swallow it. The proved CBD oil in France is helping thousands of people to get rid of their pains. For more information click here and know more about The Full-spectrum CBD oil.