Years of frequent cannabis use can take a toll on the most loyal stoners. Apart from putting a dent in your wallet, relentless flower indulgence also loses its impact over the years. Over time, you may notice a less than ideal high after your usual giggle-inducing smoke session or experience no reaction at all.

Although a feeble high can come from a low-quality product, a sky-high tolerance is often the culprit. Smokers, edible lovers, and dab enthusiasts alike will notice a drop in potency after months of consistent smoking.

Many stoners might respond to their tapering highs by consuming more frequently, a dangerous path that can quickly lead to an unpleasant green out. Instead of plowing forward, consider smarter smoking habits. Switching out your usual papers for a more robust delivery method may reunite you with a long-lost euphoria. With the world of innovative cannabis consumption at your fingertips, there is no need for that crusty resin-caked pipe.

Caught in a flower funk? Check out these six ways to reach peak highs sans paper and pipes.

1. Dabbing

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Wax concentrates are arguably the most effective way to consume herb. A small drop of oil packs a considerable punch while delivering a clean-tasting hit. Dabs vaporize wax and flower, meaning your house won’t reek of skunk for hours and your lungs will thank you.

In fact, the pure nature of concentrates is free of harmful carcinogens and plant matter making them a healthier alternative to your average toke. For those looking to take the plunge into dabbing, start by purchasing a hand-made oil rig from retailers like MJ Arsenal.

2. Fruits

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Every stoner fondly remembers the age-old apple trick. Simply grab a nearby pen and apple then carve a hole and short mouthpiece. In seconds you’ll have a unique DIY pipe that infuses every hit with sweetened flavors. For added fun, consider using watermelon or pears and wow your friends with an entertaining smoking session.

3. Edibles

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For those looking for a smoke-free hemp experience, edibles are the best option. Between infused lemonades and tasty chocolates, there truly is an edible for every kind of stoner. When consumed in small doses, edibles allow you to fine-tune the high, although they may take up to 30 minutes to take effect. Additionally, if your tolerance is through the roof, more potent edibles can take you to new heights, as the outcome is powerful and long-lasting.

4. Vaporizers

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Similar to dabbing, vaporizers heat oils or flower to extremely high temperatures. Vapes are also customizable and accessible, with a wide range of cannabis products available for usage. You can use bud, wax, and oil in vaporizers, depending on your preference, and take sleek electric vapes on-the-go for a quick hit.

5. Hot knives

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If you want to connect with the roots of smoking flower, the hot knife or spot method is worth trying out. Start by heating a pair of knives on a stove or over a fire. When the metal turns blistering red, place a nug of herb on one blade and squeeze between the other. Once the heated bud starts to smoke, carefully inhale and lean into the effects. For a fuller hit, trap the smoke in plastic bottles, inhaling through the top.

6. Corn husks

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Corn husks have become popular with joint smokers as they’re a more health-conscious approach to traditional rolling paper or pipes. Make sure to dry out husks for a few days before effortlessly rolling them up with your favorite strain. The fibrous nature of husks makes them perfect for securing the beloved flower.

Closing thoughts

Long gone are the days of smelly joints or busted pipes. Indulge your curiosity by trying out a sleek modern vaporizer or time-worn smoking tradition. Explore the wondrous world of flower, and you might be surprised by what draws your interest.