Cannabis production has grown incredibly over the past couple of years, especially at home. Anyone can produce robust and high-quality cannabis using the proper techniques. Of all cannabis products, feminized hemp is one of the most popular.

The teeny-tiny feminized seeds grow into larger plants and reproduce naturally. The craze for feminized cannabis products is booming day by day. But why? Why is everyone looking out for feminized hemp plants?

Whether you’re a cannabis enthusiast or a cultivator, you’ll love this article.


Quick Glance Into The History Of Feminized Hemp Seeds


It’s time to go a bit scientific.

Feminized seeds reproduce either sexually(using male genetics) or asexually(Without using male genetics). Farmers leverage fertilized seeds to produce hemp. But the problem with these seeds is their chances of growing into a female plant is only 50%.

Since female plants have more therapeutic properties, it has a massive demand in the market. Even the highest CBD concentration can be found in the female plants, especially from unfertilized female seeds.

In general, the fertilized hemp seed drops its therapeutic compounds after fertilization. If the male and female plants are kept aside, the male can fertilize hundreds and thousands of female plants. This is the reason why male hemp plants aren’t grown near female plants.

Back in the days, farmers used to cultivate male plants only for pollination(Or simply reproduction). Once their work is done, they’re easily thrown away. However, it’s not the case in the present times.

The advancement in technology led to several seed-breeding techniques. The growers can now purchase the premium feminized hemp seeds from reliable distributors like

The specialized seed breeding techniques produce seeds that produce no male hemp plants. As a result, you can completely get rid of male plants. And the process of producing them is termed “Masculinization.”

Benefits Of Feminized Hemp Seeds


Did you know that feminized seeds are sold even for extra prices due to their high demand? Here are a few reasons for utmost sales of feminized seeds that you shouldn’t miss out on.

1. Embrace A Stress-Free Cultivation

Since feminized hemp requires no male plants for pollination, there is no need to take colossal stress for crossing male and female plants to produce more hemp plants. Also, it eradicates the risk of turning unfertilized to fertilized female profits. Thereby reducing your earnings.

2. Easier To Forecast Results

Since you’re pretty aware of the outcomes, it’s hassle-free to estimate the profits. Furthermore, it allows you to efficiently use the money for expenses and miscellaneous works.

3. Enjoy Great Profits


The growing of feminized seeds has garnered tons of profits for the cultivators. Your success is inevitable once you buy and grow the feminized plants.

For instance, if you grow ordinary hemp, the chances of growing female plants are merely 50%– This means your profits are also cut down to 50%. On the other hand, cultivating feminized plants ensures 100% female plants after pollination. So, you can expect double the earlier prophets.

4. It Saves Time

The grower has to wait for six weeks to efficiently pollinate the plants as the hemp seeds take one and a half months to reach their pre-flower level.

Since you’ve got the feminized plants, you no longer need to wait for six weeks and pull out the male plants once the work is done. Not only does it save time, but it also reduces work by eliminating the weed trimming or cutting works.

5. Prevents The Growth Of Weeds

Usually, hemp seeds are grown widely and quickly. They ensure high protection levels for the crop when growing in an organized manner. When cultivated in rows and columns, these plants form a canopy and prevent the growth of unwanted plants.

6. It Produces Better Quality Hemp

The scientists take complete control to produce the highest quality seeds. Since these are bred effectively, they boast excellent genetic characteristics. And this allows for the production of hemp with more CBD concentration, smell, and flavor.

Also, the specialized breeding techniques increase the plant’s potency. So, the unique characteristics you can expect from these hemp seeds are more therapeutic properties, attractive texture, flavorful taste, and a powerful aroma.

What’s Wrong With Feminized Hemp Seeds


Well, everyone agrees that feminized seeds are a boon. But here’re a few issues with it. After all, nothing in the world is ideal and ensures 100% satisfaction.

The #1 reason behind the production of feminized seeds is to boost the CBD levels. However, more CBD levels led to the rapid growth of THC levels. For most countries, the legal limit of THC is below 0.3%. The products with a THC concentration over 0.3% are considered “Hot.”

Mike Scheffel, MD of policy and standards with the CSGA(Canadian Seed Growers’ Association), says, “There exists a strong relation between THC and CBD based on genetics. So, the more the CBD, the higher the THC. It’s almost impossible to raise the CBD concentration to 6%-8% while maintaining the THC concentration at 0.3%.”

Another major challenge with the feminized hemp is their pricing. These seeds are quite expensive as they employ several laborers to produce high-quality seeds. The product’s price rises to the mountain peak as the labor cost increases. So, it’s not an economically viable option.

For instance, if you’re producing feminized hemp on a large scale, it costs hundreds and thousands of dollars. Planting it isn’t ideal if you’d like to start with a sparse investment.

Key Takeaways

Feminized seeds are gaining a massive craze in the present era. The female hemp plant has more essential compounds than the males. That’s why everyone is interested in growing female hemp plants rather than male ones.

Although male hemp is beneficial at times, it loses the potential of therapeutic and other essential compounds in the female. This is why researchers and scientists have found feminized hemp.

These feminized seeds don’t produce male seeds or plants. So, it ensures minimal work, reduced labor costs, increased potency, quality yield, and colossal profits.