As the popularity of cannabidiol (CBD) products grows across the world, hemp and CBD have become trendy ingredients in many topical skincare products. As both products are derived from cannabis plants, there are some similarities between the two, but they are still distinct and bring different potential benefits.

Hemp seed oil has been used in skin care products because of its anti-inflammatory properties and its ability to provide supple moisturization to the skin. CBD is similarly popular for its purported anti-inflammatory benefits

Many brands may confuse the two ingredients and sell hemp-infused products as CBD lotions. This is primarily because customers are willing to pay more for CBD since it’s more expensive than hemp. Since hemp and CBD lotions are sold extensively and the labels may confuse the ingredients, many may find it difficult to find lotions that are from a trusted, reliable source.

This article discusses in detail the difference between CBD and hemp to help you understand the key difference between CBD and hemp lotions.


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Hemp is a strain of cannabis, the cannabis sativa plant. Hemp has been grown for centuries across the world and is being used industrially to manufacture textiles, ropes, clothing, and biofuel.

Another cannabis strain is the more widely known plant marijuana, which is known for its psychoactive properties. This psychoactive property is due to the presence of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is a type of chemical compound known as cannabinoids. Unlike marijuana, which has high levels of THC, hemp tends to contain very low levels of THC.

Hemp oil is derived from the seeds of cannabis sativa, which doesn’t contain THC or CBD.  It does, however, contain a wide range of vitamins, fatty acids, and other compounds known to benefit skin and other parts of the body. As such, hemp seed oil has been used for making topical oils, shampoos, and lotions.


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Cannabidiol (CBD) is another cannabinoid found in cannabis plants. CBD can be derived from parts of the cannabis plant like the leaves and the stalks. Unlike THC, CBD is not a psychoactive compound, meaning it does not induce the ‘high’ that is associated with marijuana. CBD oil is made by extracting CBD from plant matter and diluting it in a carrier oil like coconut oil.

CBD products come in many forms. CBD oil can be consumed in the form of edibles, smoked, or taken in the form of tinctures and oils. CBD-infused topical creams are also popular for their potential anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties.

Many people use CBD due to its alleged benefits for depression, anxiety, and pain relief. CBD lotion, such as those sold in, is used extensively for keeping the skin healthy and hydrated and for potentially treating several skin conditions like psoriasis.

Key Differences Between Hemp and CBD lotions

  • Hemp is a strain of cannabis while CBD is one of the cannabinoids extracted from cannabis plants.
  • Hemp seed oil contains no traces of THC while CBD products may contain trace amounts of THC. However, the THC found in CBD products is so insignificant that it cannot get you high.
  • Products derived from hemp seed oil may be listed as cannabis sativa seed oil while products containing CBD will have ingredients like cannabinoids, full spectrum CBD, or CBD isolate on their labels.

Buying a CBD or Hemp Lotion

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Due to the lack of knowledge amongst customers on the difference between hemp and CBD, many manufacturers may take undue advantage and use misleading labels. To ensure that you’re buying CBD lotions, you should read the labels of any products that you’re considering carefully and, if necessary, ask for more information from the company.

Many reputable companies tend to list the milligrams of CBD or hemp oil on their ingredient list. This helps you get clarity on what exactly are you paying for. Before you buy a product, make sure to research on the ingredients, brand, and any third-party lab tests to buy the right product.

To ensure that the product suits you, you should do a patch test on your skin to check for any allergic reactions. Keep in mind that the allergic reaction may not be due to the CBD or hemp present in the product, but rather from one of the multitude of other ingredients included in topical products, so feel free to try a few different kinds of products and brands to see what suits you.

Choosing the Right CBD Lotion

While buying a CBD lotion, it’s essential to look for quality and transparency. To ensure that the product you choose is high quality, check for third-party lab testing results from an ISO compliant lab. Also, ensure that the product doesn’t contain more than .03% THC—you may check this in the certificate of analysis (COA).

While selecting a brand, you may also consider the manufacturing process, the product’s potency, and any other ingredients that may provide additional health benefits.

Also be sure to check any available customer reviews online to get an idea about the product from the users directly. Make sure to check if the company is making any false claims to promote their product.

Benefits of Using CBD lotion

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  • Anti-Aging

CBD is purported to have antioxidant, moisturizing, and anti-inflammatory properties. This makes it an allegedly potent ingredient for anti-aging skincare products.

  • Reduces Acne

CBD lotions and creams have been thought to be beneficial for those suffering from acne because of their possible antioxidant and antiseptic properties. The chemical make-up of CBD matches the lipids of the human skin, so CBD may deeply moisturize and heal the skin, promoting healthy skincare.

  • Eczema

Eczema is a common skin condition that can be uncomfortable, itchy, and painful. CBD lotion is considered by some to beneficial for eczema patients since it purportedly eases pain and has anti-inflammatory properties, thus providing relief to the patients for the symptoms of eczema.

  • Psoriasis

Psoriasis is an autoimmune skin condition and can be painful and uncomfortable. CBD has been a popular alternative treatment for those seeking to relieve the symptoms of psoriasis for similar reasons it has been sought out for eczema and other skin conditions.


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Though CBD and hemp are both cannabis products, they’re not the same. While CBD is one of the cannabinoids found in the plant, hemp is a strain of the cannabis plant.

Both CBD and hemp potentially have similar healing properties like anti-inflammatory and moisturizing qualities, but they have different uses. Since CBD is more expensive than hemp oil, the products containing CBD are also more expensive. While buying a CBD-infused lotion, make sure to do your research on the brand and check the third-party lab reports to know the quality of the product you’re investing in.