The entire world has been affected by the novel coronavirus; thousands of people have tested positive for COVID 19 at alarming rates all over the world. In light of this pandemic, the healthcare systems are overburdened and the medical staff and healthcare workers are overworked in an attempt to treat the patients affected by the Coronavirus.

This novel virus left many healthcare professionals confused. Its rapid spread on a global scale was alarming enough to stress out governments, citizens and healthcare professionals. It is clear that a cure or vaccine needs to be developed as soon as possible.

Pharmacists, virologists, microbiologists and scientists all over the world are working on finding some sort of cure or abatement drug in order to treat or manage this disease. Their efforts so far have yielded little to no results as they have been unsuccessful in developing a vaccine for the corona virus. Patients are being treated for symptoms with existing drugs and medication regimens while practicing social distancing and quarantine.

All attempts so far focus on mitigating and containing the disease. Despite these efforts to control the spread of the coronavirus, no sound predictions can be made for how long this pandemic will persist or by when the vaccine will be developed.

Truth About Hydroxychloroquine

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Nevertheless, to treat patients, doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers are trying their best. But unfortunately, a lot of false information is also circulating around the world. One person to abet the spread of false treatment is the President of the United States, Mr. Donald Trump. He claimed that hydroxychloroquine, the drug prescribed to treat malaria, is effective in the treatment of COVID 19. He claimed that he used it as well in an attempt to safeguard himself.

To validate such bold statements, research labs set to work. Researchers from Harvard university found Mr. Trump’s statements to be faulty as research showed that patients being treated with hydroxychloroquine had a 34% increased risk of mortality. Patients being treated with a combination of antibiotics and hydroxychloroquine, the “cocktail” that President Trump recommended, showed a 45% increased risk of death.

These grave findings completely denounced the credibility of President Trump’s statements. However, they made one thing clear and this is that Mr. Trump and his advisors are in no position to recommend cures and treatments for any diseases due to their lack of understanding on the matter.

The consequences of making false and unverified statements are extremely serious. Therefore, it is advisable for patients and people in general to refrain from believing anything on the internet unless it is supported by strong evidence and research.

Cannabis As A Cure?

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Exploring the use of hydroxychloroquine as a treatment option lead to counterproductive and shocking results. However, research is still going on and many plants and medicines are being used in the process. One such product is cannabis. It is a psychoactive drug, which is found from hemp and cannabis plants. It has over three hundred known compounds and is used from medicinal and recreational purposes. The content and type of compounds of present in the product help to identify its function and use.

It is common to associate marijuana mostly with recreation as it produces a “high” or intoxication effect that a number people seek and enjoy. The compound necessary to create this effect is THC – tetrahydrocannabidiol. However, not all strains of it can be used for recreation as all of them do not contain THC. Some research conducted in Canada, sponsored by the Canadian government, claims to have discovered at least fifteen types of cannabis sativa strains that can prevent or block the virus’s entry into host cells.

These strains have a high content of the CBD – Cannabidiol – compound. It works by modifying the expression of ACE2 proteins, which are necessary to enable the corona virus to enter host cells. With this inhibited, the corona virus cannot infect tissues with COVID 19.

It is important to note that this research was carried out on 3D models of human airways and organs. This means that these results have been seen to work only experimentally. To validate the use of high CBD sativa strains for the treatment of COVID 19, further research and clinical trials need to be carried out. Therefore, it is not advisable for people to read this and rush to their local dispensaries and buy any cannabis strains available there. These fifteen strains have been modified to best fit their intended purpose.

Cannabis Treatment for Inflammation

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Another important contribution of them in the treatment of COVID 19 is seen in its effects on the inflammation of human airways. As discovered by doctors in Israel, they can reduce the inflammation response that is produced by the storm of cytokines. The body as a natural response to fight off the virus produces Cytokines, which consequently leads to inflammation. An attempt to reduce or abate this inflammatory response can drastically decrease the risk of death and morbidity rates spiked by the corona virus.

These doctors had been focusing on exploring it as a viable treatment option even before the COVID 19 pandemic hit. Once they became wrapped up in the pandemic, they used their previously deduced findings and research to seek a cure of COVID 19 from cannabis strains. However, they admit that further research still needs to be carried out to validate their theories and hypotheses.


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It is used for medicinal purposes in a number of states and countries. Many websites such as MMJDirect make cannabis products easily available for you to order. This is because this drug has numerous health benefits and clinically proven results. Therefore, it seemed like a good candidate to be explored for the cure and treatment of COVID 19. In light of the current pandemic, healthcare systems all over the world are overburdened and a cure or vaccines needs to be developed soon.

Previous claims of using hydroxychloroquine as a viable treatment option for COVID 19 have been proven false. This shows the importance of validation and credible and sufficient research and trials before making any claims. These is in the process of being explored as a management or treatment option for COVID 19. Research in this regard has produced promising leads but further research needs to be carried out to declare it as a viable treatment option.