People smoke weed for many different reasons. For some of them, it’s all about its stress-relieving property. Some people enjoy smoking before bed, and that became their small ritual for better night sleep. Others are more into it because of their friends, and it is something everyone tends to do while hanging out.

If you are someone who enjoys smoking pot, for whatever reason, you probably love its scent too. Marijuana has a very specific, recognizable scent. And sometimes that can be a problem. If you are trying to keep your smoking as a secret, the herby smell can give you away. Maybe you just want to avoid a discussion with your parents. Or you want to hide this from your landlord since he wouldn’t be the happiest person alive if he found out you are smoking in your rented apartment. And let’s be real, having this scent can make you look unprofessional and carelessly. All in all, other people can have prejudices. And sometimes the least painful option is just to mask the weed smell and move on.

Here are some of the ideas about how to avoid smelling like a weed, even though you just smoked one:

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  1. Maybe the most practical way to keep yourself as fresh as possible is to avoid smoking indoors. Natural ventilation is always the best one. But if that is not possible, and you can’t seem to do it outside, it is not the end of the world. If you are smoking in a room, the simplest solution is to keep the window open, but that is also not the most effective way. Also, make sure that the room has good ventilation. Another helpful thing is purchasing a fan. That way, you can direct the air towards outside. If the room has a ceiling fan, that can also do the work to a certain degree. You can also consider buying some scented candles and arrange them around the room. It might sound funny, but it can work. Air purifiers can be another practical option. With these tools, you can be sure the air won’t be as suffocating. And also you won’t be that smelly afterward.
  2. The most important part of eliminating unwanted odor is taking care of your hygiene. So let’s face it, nothing is going to help if you smell like an ashtray. First of all, make sure your breath is fresh. The highest intensity of the smell is in the mouth area. And you don’t want to show up at work and talk to your colleagues while herbal scent spreads everywhere around you. You can rinse off your face and mouth, but that probably won’t be enough. We recommend brushing your teeth after smoking and using breath fresheners. That way, you’ll avoid awkward situations. Fresh bubble gum can also do amazing work. Make sure you always wash your hands with a strong cleansing soap right after smoking. Also, keep hand sanitizer at your fingertips. Wet wipes can be another helpful tool. You can buy the one that can be used for the face too. That way, you can freshen up your face and hands in no time.

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  3. A weed scent can be masked with body sprays, too. Of course, we always recommend showering whenever possible. And after that, you can spray as much as you want. But if you can’t take a shower and you need a quick-fix, the body spray will do the work. Just make sure you get some of those with a fresh scent. Covering a strong weed smell with an aggressive body spray can be contra-productive. So keep on the simple side and find the one that will smell fresh enough. The cologne might also do the work, but again, do not exaggerate. But keep on your mind, if you smoked in the car with your windows shut down, body spray won’t help you. That’s when we recommend taking a shower as soon as possible or just keeping away from the public. Another hack is smoking while the shower is running. Allegedly, it can minimize the odor in the room and your wardrobe odor, too.
  4. There is another interesting way to minimize marijuana odor. You can easily make a tool called “sploof”. You won’t need any expert skills to make it. You’ll just need a cardboard tube, a sheet to cover the tube from one side, and a rubber band. And you’re ready. You should exhale trough “sploof” after each toke of weed. That way you’ll filter the smoke, so it doesn’t smell the same way anymore. That’s how you’ll avoid the unwanted smell in your room. And you either won’t have that recognizable odor afterward.

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  5. Another thing you should consider here is the quality of the pot. If you tend to smoke low-quality weed with some suspicious additions, the smell can become even stronger. And then it is harder to get rid of it with these methods. If you’re looking for a good pot shop near you that sells only the high-quality weed you should check out At least with a good weed, you’ll know that’s the only thing whos odor you need to eliminate.


Smoking weed can have its benefits, but one thing that most weed-smokers would like to get rid of is the strong pot scent. Maybe you like it, but don’t like to smell like it in public. Or you just want to keep yourself away from uncomfortable situations at home or work. There are many things you can do to eliminate that herbal smell. The most important is taking care of your hygiene.

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Always keep your hands, face, and wardrobe clean and fresh. Try smoking outside whenever you can, so you can use the benefits of natural ventilation. And if you don’t have another choice but to smoke indoors, crack a window and use a fan to direct the smoke. Keep on your mind that a constant weed scent can make you look inadequate and undesirable, no matter how careless you are about it. So try to always have these hacks at the top of your mind. That way, you’ll have everything under control, and you can enjoy smoking without worrying.