It is a classy one! Coming in as one of the most popular and easy-to-use vape batteries for cannabis oil cartridges in the Be Leaf Classic Pipe. This pipe vape battery is styled in a  wood-grain design that will make anyone have a more mysterious and intelligent flair, check it out here. The battery offers versatile compatibility for many 510-thread cartridges.

Vaping marijuana was more of a novelty idea in the early 2000s, and today it has taken the whole world by storm. The market for vapes and vaping prefilled 510-thread carts has grown exponentially in the past 5 years alone! Vapes are often viewed as the upscale revolution to cannabis smoking. Bringing in a style that is to be yearned for and a modern emblem of looking cool, versus having to hide in a corner lighting a bowl and reeking of weed. Cannabis vaping has transformed the way modern society perceives weed smokers, making it more acceptable.

How To Tell If the Cartridge is 510-Thread Compatible

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The 510 refers to the amount and size of the threads on a battery or the cartridge. So this means that there are 10 threads measuring at 5mm. This size of thread is the most common and usable connection for vape cartridges and batteries. These Be Leaf 510-thread batteries are designated female and would need 510-thread male cartridges to be used in conjunction with them. With a style of interlocking such as this, it creates a tightly sealed connection from the battery to the cartridge.

Vaping weed has many benefits over traditional smoking and using 510-thread batteries is one of the most compatible types with THC cartridges. When vaping marijuana there is less smell for others in the surrounding area versus the odor that comes from smoking a joint or bowl. This way of toking up allows for more tailored doses and the ability to waste less cannabis en route to getting high.

Cannabis concentrates like THC oil 510-thread cartridges are more affordable in the long run than purchasing buds. Vaporizing weed this way offers the smoker to potentially inhale more potent, cleaner hits all while using less marijuana. Similar to smoking dry herb, vaping cannabis effects take place typically within a few minutes after the first hit. Waiting 15 minutes between hits is recommended if a person is new to smoking.

How to Use the Be Leaf Vape Battery

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Using a Be Leaf Vape Battery may seem intimidating at first. However, fear not! Once all the clicks and power variables are understood, it becomes clear why this is one of the most popular batteries on the market.

  • Turn on the Be Leaf cannabis vape battery with 5 clicks
  • Set battery to preheat mode with 2 clicks
  • Set voltage to low (3.0V) by clicking 3 times and seeing a green light flash on the button
  • Set voltage to medium (3.7V) by clicking 3 times and seeing a blue light flash on the button
  • Set voltage to high (4.2V) by clicking 3 times and seeing a red light flash on the button
  • Turn off the battery by clicking 5 times
  • Charge the 900mAh variable voltage battery using the Micro USB charging cable that comes with the item

The way a vape battery such as this works is rather simple and yet very cool. Once the battery is activated, it harnesses its power and transfers it to the atomizer. From here the wire coil or ceramic heating elements begin to heat up the THC oil inside the cartridge. This allows the user to begin taking the desired amount of puffs. Vaping in this method heats the marijuana up and creates it into an aerosol and makes hits much easier to take on the lungs over harsh blunt hits or bong rips. Simply put, the battery allows the cannabis oil in the cartridge to heat up, which turns it into a vapor that a person inhales.

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Some things to keep in mind when using the Be Leaf vape battery:

  1. Each click when turning the battery on also displays a LED light.
  2. Using preheat mode is an excellent option when oil may be thicker due to colder weather or from being an older cartridge. Preheating allows the oil to give better vapor production and more enjoyable hits.
  3. When using vape cartridges it can often be easy to over tighten them into their batteries! Being cautious not to overtighten will help prevent any cartridge from getting stuck on a vape battery.
  4. Another thing that is easy to miss is if the battery won’t turn on to first make sure it is charged!
  5. If there seems to be any residue that has gotten on the threads from a messed up oil chamber then a simple and light cleaning with q-tips and rubbing alcohol should make them good as new again.

Why Be Leaf is the Most Popular Vape Battery

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Just look at it! The smooth and silky wood-grain styled design fits perfectly in the hand and is delightful to look at. It brings peace to the mind and reminds one of a simpler time when life was taken at a slower pace. The rustic reddish-brown tone is so pleasing in its hues that dads, grandpas, brothers, and mothers will all want this vape battery. It is a perfect size measuring 1.75 inches in height, creating balance and sophistication with each use. The larger-sized battery allows for longer use without recurring charging. It can even be placed down in a standing position as the bottom has a flat rubber-like surface.

This vaping style allows for portability and discreet use. Pocketing this item or putting it in a backpack or purse is an action that can be done swiftly. The Be Leaf vape battery can be used with any 510-thread cartridge, bringing ease of use to any consumer. These batteries are super affordable with an average price of $25. However, catching it on a good sale, like the one going on at World of Bongs, can put the price as low as $18.99.