The sun-grown wrapper premium cigars are prepared from tobacco leaves that grow directly exposed to the sun. The tobacco leaves grown in this manner are also exposed to nature’s components, such as air and moisture, that have enabled them to grow into restored plants. The leaves tend to be broader as they get the required direct sunlight. The shade-grown tobaccos are enclosed with some translucent coverings to diffuse the sun. The plant does not get the sun directly compared to the sun-grown tobacco.

The sun-grown tobacco results in a fuller aroma, greener leaves, and tougher veins. One can quickly get any form of tobacco from online stores. Some online stores have links that one can click on to access any service. For instance, some online dealers will display click here notifications on their sites. One can easily click on the links and have full access to the offered tobacco products. The reviews of the products are also embodied in the website to help determine the quality of the product. For instance, negative reviews can implicate a poor quality product, while a positive study implicates that the product is fit for purpose.

Here is an overview of the benefits of using sun-grown cigars


1. Sun grown cigars are darker, scented, and richer

The cigars are believed to have a sweet aroma, making them more precious and more affluent. The sweet flavor is developed due to the explosion of tobacco and the direct sunlight. A person using this cigar form will tend to expose the sweetness by using all the senses while smoking.

2. The cigars have enriched freshness


The cigars tend to preserve the freshness for a prolonged duration. Growing them exposed to the sun makes them more age tolerant hence enhancing their freshness. One gets to enjoy the greatness for quite an extended period. The sun-grown cigars do not dry out, thus making it easier to store them. You do not necessarily have to keep it in ideal places for preservation.

3. The cigars are resilient

This type of cigar is more resilient due to the exposure to the sunlight as the veins tend to be more considerable, thicker, and more challenging. The resilient nature of these cigars makes them withstand some extreme conditions. Some of these conditions are fluctuations in temperature and even humidity. They seem to be less prone to cracking as they are more robust and thicker; hence they do not quickly get dried out.

4. Sun-grown cigars are compatible


The cigars are compatible with a wide range of tobacco. The thick nature of the cigars makes them more consistent. They are commonly used with different types of tobacco that tend to be more challenging to roll up in thinner and delicate wrappers. The compatible nature of the cigars makes it possible to offer a wide variety of tobacco blends that are unique and exotic.

5. The cigars have slower smoke

The sun-grown cigars tend to have slower smoke because they are thicker and more rigid. The cigars allow for slower smoke before getting burnt out. They do not get burnt out quickly, making it easier for the users to every the sweetness of every puff.

The sun-grown wrapper premium is made up of the following layers i.e.

Filler tobacco– The filler tobacco layer is positioned at the central part of the cigar. The coating is the one that is responsible for the flavor or taste of the cigar.

Binder tobacco– The binder tobacco is wrapped around the filler tobacco to hold the cigar in place.

Wrapper leaf– The wrapper leaf is the outmost part of the cigar. In other words, it gives the cigar both color and texture.

One should consider various considerations before buying any form of tobacco, whether it is shade-grown or sun-grown. One should include:

6. Consider the nicotine levels


Most dealers adjust nicotine levels to create a flavor that suits their clients. The nicotine percentage in the cigar depends on the e-cigarette device being used. It can also depend on the type of smoker one is. For instance, if one is a heavy smoker, an approximation of 12mg. High nicotine levels can cause diseases such as throat cancer.

7. Get recommendations from reputable reviewers

If one is getting the cigars online, recommendations from reputable reviewers can be of great help. For instance, experienced vapers post on blogs giving their feedback on the products. Most online stores have a section where tobacco reviews are posted as it helps the potential buyers from making mistakes when getting the cigars.

8. Consider the flavor profile


Manufacturers use different types of tobacco when making cigars. The resulting aromas seem to vary a lot. It is always advisable to read the descriptions carefully to know what they get.

9. Read the feedback sector

The feedback section will tell whether the cigar has met the quality required. The feedback section is more useful if one gets the cigars from an online dealer. There are various comments from the previous buyers. Reading what others have to say regarding the product will help one make the right choice. For instance, buyers will avoid getting the product if there is negative feedback on a particular cigar. Positive feedback will imply that the cigar is fit for use.

Wrapping up


In conclusion, several benefits come along with sun-grown cigars. The above article gives an outline of such uses. It is always advisable to low amounts of cigars as they may be harmful to one’s health. Diseases such as cancer can be a result of using cigars. Cigars should be sold to persons under 18 as this has not been legalized by law. One should also check on the amount of money spent on buying cigars. The users should be more careful as smoking can lead to bankruptcy later. Addiction is another effect of smoking. The users need to be keen on the rate they are smoking as this can make them rely on the drugs most of the time hence using all the savings on drugs.