If you are a student and you have been under the pump, you will know that you would do just about anything to boost your brainpower a bit before an exam.

You’d have probably already tried a bunch of study methods and maybe changed your diet in the hopes that your brain would soak up all that knowledge and make sense of it all. One thing that you might not have tried before is CBD. Here is a quick look at how it can benefit your studies.

The effects on the brain

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Cannabis has had a bad rep for a long time, but as more states are changing their legislation and legalizing cannabis, researchers have had more freedom to study cannabis in more depth.

Cannabis has shown to reduce a person’s drive in some cases and there is evidence that smoking cannabis physically shrinks the brain. Immediately the red lights are going off, but this is only the case after prolonged and regular use.

Although the evidence suggests that the brain might be shrinking, it also shows that neural connectivity in the brain improves. This is because CBD has been shown to promote neurogenesis or the regeneration of neuron cells.

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Other proven benefits of CBD

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Although many people are not aware, your mood plays a big part in how well you study or not. CBD enriched cannabis has the ability to lighten or better one’s mood and also makes you more alert at the same time. This enables you to take in more of the work that you read. Moreover, CBD is also linked to better sleep.

Stress and anxiety relief

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Exam stress is one of the biggest factors for poor results or hitting a blank during a test. CBD has been touted as being an amazing stress reliever.

It reduces a person’s anxiety which has been shown to cripple a person’s attention and executive function. Therefore, when your anxiety levels drop, your executive functioning as an adult may also improve.

As the cycle goes, when your anxiety is reduced, you also sleep better. When you get enough sleep, or when the sleep that you do get is uninterrupted, then you are able to concentrate better during your studying hours.

Better focus

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In many cases, we are the instruments of our own downfall. There are many studies that show that you should avoid blue light or light from your cell phone or computer screen at least 30 minutes before you got to bed. But then there are a number of things that we do not have control over. Some people might even suffer from ADHD and ADD.

This is where CBC comes in. It stimulates the brain and regulates the endocannabinoid system and doing so calms the nerves and reduces hyperactivity. This does not mean that it makes you drowsy or sucks the energy from your body. It only regulates and stabilizes your body, enabling you to focus more on the task of studying.

Chronic pain

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Pain is a major disruptor of cognitive function and concentration. Although CBD is not a direct cure or cognitive booster, there are more and more studies that prove that it reduces chronic pain.

Athlete students are the ones who are most at risk for chronic pain as they are at a higher risk of sustaining an injury during their sports.

CBD will come in and save the day and reduce the pain, which will, in turn, also lead to better focus and cognitive function. When your brain isn’t split between sending impulses of pain the whole time, it can focus more on studies.

CBD and Dopamine

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Your brain’s dopamine levels and CBD have a very close relationship and this is probably why there are more and more studies that suggest better focus when inducing CBD. When a person doesn’t seem to focus anymore, or when they can’t seem to remember or have a lack of mental awareness, then the brain’s dopamine levels are low.

CBD ingestion stimulates the brain to produce more dopamine, but it will not cause an irregular rise in dopamine levels when consumed, unlike HTC products, which is best known for its psychoactive properties. When taking CBD in the correct dosage, which is fairly wide, it will enhance one’s focus.


Source: leafly.com

If you haven’t experienced exam stress before, you are bound to meet up with it some time or another during your studies. You will also get to know the effects thereof when you get your test results back.

To avoid any nasty surprises and if you live in a state where CBD products are legal, you have nothing to lose. The worst that can happen is that CBD does absolutely nothing for you, but on the other hand, you can become a focus master.

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