Browse the shelves of your local cannabis dispensary, and it’s easy to be overwhelmed by all the options. There’s something for everyone, from flower and pre-rolls to vape liquid, tinctures, and topicals.

Knowing what to buy can be challenging when you’re new to the world of recreational cannabis. There’s no reason why you can’t explore the many available options, but you might gravitate toward edibles for some of the following reasons.

They Dominate Shop Shelves


Look around the average recreational cannabis dispensary, such as, and it’s hard not to notice the broad range of edibles gracing the shelves. The vibrant packaging captures your eye almost immediately, and you can be lured in by the prospect of sweet treats and delicious snacks that might make you feel relaxed and well-rested.

When you don’t know what to buy for your health or recreational purposes, seeing what there seems to be more of can be an ideal way to make your decision. If there’s a wide range of one particular cannabis product, it can sometimes be evident that there’s significant demand for them.

You Love Snacking


You might not enjoy smoking or vaping, but cannabis edible products might stand out from the crowd if you love snacking. Rather than worry about inhaling anything or applying something to your body, you can choose a delicious product like an energy drink, gummies, chocolate, or even a tonic drink and enjoy the same or similar feelings that some people experience with flower, pre-rolls, and tinctures.

It’s important to note that you typically can’t consume the same volumes of cannabis edibles as you would food that doesn’t contain cannabis. Talk to your local dispensary about the best doses for your comfort and peace of mind, or stick with the motto ‘start low, go slow.’

Most people who consume edibles for the first time start with a low dose of 2.5mg to 5mg and consume no more than 10mg of THC during their first day of consumption. If you’ve noticed that your low dosage didn’t provide you with the desired effects, you could increase your dose marginally the following day and see how it works for you.

It can sometimes take upwards of three or four times to determine the most appropriate dosage for your needs, but taking it slow might be the difference between a rewarding experience and one that puts you off cannabis edibles for good.

You Want Something Easy

Many people enjoy the methodical work involved in preparing a perfectly rolled joint, but not everyone does. You might not have the time to dedicate to the art of rolling, or you simply don’t enjoy how much maintenance can be involved in the average cannabis-smoking device.

Edibles are easy. They come in packaging like tins, cans, and bottles and require no further instructions for use. You can simply open the packaging and enjoy the contents without buying additional tools or performing maintenance.

You’re Always On the Go


Sitting down to smoke a joint isn’t always practical when you’re on the go. Many bars, restaurants, and businesses are now also smoke-free, limiting your options when you feel like consuming cannabis in your spare time.

However, there are fewer restrictions regarding edibles. As long as you’re in a part of the country where recreational cannabis is legal and are abiding by the rules set out in your place of business or home, you can sip on a drink, chew a gummy, or suck on a mint, and enjoy the effects.

You Have a Sweet Tooth


With so many cannabis products on the market, you might assume choosing the right product for your needs would be a hard decision, but it might not be if you have a sweet tooth. There is a range of sweet treats with THC and CBD on the market, such as chocolate, lollipops, gummies, cookies, and even fudge.

When you have a sweet tooth to satisfy and an issue you’d like to try to solve with cannabis, you might be able to tick both boxes with a sweet cannabis treat.

You Want a Meal Addition

While there is a delectable range of cannabis edibles on the market you can eat right away, like chocolate and gummies, you can also purchase meal additions from some dispensaries, like sauces and seasonings. While harder to find, it’s nice to know you might have this option if you’re looking for a quick and easy meal topper that won’t alter your meal’s flavor profile too dramatically.

You Want Something Discreet


Cannabis might be legal in several states, but not everyone agrees with its legal status. If friends and family don’t know you use cannabis or you don’t want to make it obvious, edibles are among the most discreet options to purchase.

There’s no smoke, no smell, and- often- no obvious packaging without close inspection. Very few people have to know you’re consuming cannabis products. In essence, cannabis edibles can be an ideal option when you’re trying to keep a low profile around people who might not agree with or encourage your choices.

You’ve Tried Everything Else

Sometimes, the best way to know that edibles are right for you is by having tried most other CBD and THC products and not being satisfied with the experience. You might not enjoy the time intensiveness of rolling a joint, the few environments in which to enjoy a pre-roll, and the feelings associated with breathing in vape e-liquid. You might not even enjoy topical products you have to apply to different parts of your body.

If you’re yet to find a cannabis product that satisfies your needs, edibles can be a natural next choice. You can quench your thirst with a beverage, satisfy your sweet tooth with a gummy or square of chocolate, or enjoy the convenience and subtlety of a capsule, dissolvable, or sublingual product.

Deciding which cannabis goods to buy isn’t always an easy decision, especially when there are so many standout products on the market. However, if you can relate to these scenarios above, you might find that edibles suit your needs better than most others.