Are you looking to grow your very own marijuana plant? If so, then you are in the right place! However, growing cannabis is a difficult process and requires careful care since without proper tending, the seeds will die and you might find your efforts wasted. Buying lots of seeds with no results can be immensely disappointing but fortunately there are ways to prevent this outcome.

Knowing what to do and buying the right seeds will help you have cannabis growing on your backyard in no time. After you see the roots take hold of the soil and when they have broken down the outer shells, you’ll find them getting used to their environment very quickly. If you want more tips, visit this page for more information but first, buy the feminized versions because they give the highest potency of THC.

What to Know about Getting Cannabis Plants?


Angiosperms, such as cannabis, are flowering plants that can do self-fertilization due to the fact they they contain all of the genetic information needed for reproduction. Yet it is still possible for the female to be fertilized by males through close proximity in plantation.

After putting them on the soil, they will begin their transformation period where the resulting appearance is going to be dictated by their genes. Factors like terpenes, THC potency, presence of CBD, and scent will be determined based on the parental genes. This is why breeders do stabilizations, so they create a whole different level of strain or cultivar that’s different from the parents.

Cannabis seeds have a slightly oval shape, and their sizes are comparable to that of whole peppercorns. Entire sides are round and brown, while underdeveloped ones will have off-white colors. You can view cheap Cannabis seeds in the link provided to see their descriptions and what they look like. Also, visit a local dispensary to see more of the different ones available.

The colors of the seeds are striped and typically spotted. The outside is littered with browns, but some strains can have yellow or red markings in them for easier identification. The embryos from plants will grow into leaves, stems, and roots while the pericarp layers serve as protection to the reproductive organs.

Cannabis plants are equipped with two ultimately important elements: cotyledons and a root. The first leaves of the cannabis plant will be its cotyledons, while the radicle acts as an origin for the root to expand from. Once germination is complete and maturity ensues, unique structures form around the root caps to guard them against unfavorable weather conditions or other external factors.

Seedless Cannabis Plants


Nowadays, commercial cultivations are seedless where the breeders utilize sophisticated biological tactics to produce such varieties. Female and male organs have already been separated, which eliminates fertilization problems when people set up their plantations.

However, if fertilization happens inevitably despite all precautions taken, it leads to bracts that enclose the pit once flowering cycle ends. This is a problem for those seeking strong THC levels in their weeds because only female plants make a lot of the tetrahydrocannabinol extracts. Thus, comes culling of male plants into play as an inevitable step of cannabis farming process.

Breeders remove some cultivars that start to display male traits especially in the early days. Dried flowers containing female plants are ideally what many people want when smoking weed because they contain lots of THC. Sensimilla was the term given to unfertilized females and seedless cannabis, and they are also becoming popular around the world today where you can read about them here:

What are the Different Types Available?


Feminized Versions

Purchasing seed packages of potent feminized cannabis is the way to go if you’re craving a powerful and intoxicating high. Crafted by expert breeders, this version of marijuana will give you an unrivaled kick that will leave you wanting more.

The potency of dried flowers is key when deciding what you want to buy, as people wish for a consistent percentage every time. However, shopping online can be risky, since male and female parts may produce excessive amounts of seeds or bracts that could diminish the THC amount in each crop so choose your suppliers well.


Find auto-flowering varieties that have the complete maturity and genes because they will produce about 4ft. to 5ft. of thin columnar plants. The buds produced and the THC will depend on the full growth of the seeds rather than the water, soil, and sunlight they receive daily. Overall, they are easier to grow and you can plant them indoors.

Legalities of Buying Cannabis Plants In-Store or Online

If you are fortunate enough to live in one of the many states where cannabis products have been legalized, then buying them from brick-and-mortar stores or online shops is your best bet. On the other hand, if marijuana remains illegal in your area, there is still an option for obtaining it: Souvenirs from dispensaries and banks with some underlying risk involved.

When cultivation is allowed in your locality, this isn’t going to be a problem at all. Go to local providers that won’t need to ship your package so you can get started as soon as possible.

Brick-and-mortar shops across Europe and North America offer various feminized and auto-flowering cannabis strains since they have access to popular seed banks. Whether you’re just starting out with marijuana gardening or wanting to produce it commercially, the right dispensary will carry a variety of male and female seeds. These can range in price from $10 – $500 depending on the strain and manufacturer. Consult your budtender for tips on how to make sure your plants reach their full potential.